November 22, 2016

2016 Favorite's

I can't believe it's been another year!  Holy time flies by!   Not sure I'm liking that too much, but, here's what I do like!  This year!
Have fun..go shopping, try them out and tell me what you think. Also, tell me some of your favs.  I love trying out new stuff. :)

BAR SOAPS:  I usually use Bath & Body Works Shower gel....then lotion...then perfume....usually. However, lately, I've acquired a love for bar soap.  Not Ivory or Dove..good, pure, pretty bar soap. Lavender is my favorite, of course. It's my smell. That and eucalyptus.  I also found locally made soap, which is awesome! WEBA  Anyone who knows me knows I love nature and animals so this company makes my newfound soap love even more perfect.  Check them out.  #shoplocal

PEPPER JELLY & CREAM CHEESE:  OMG.  It sounds disgusting and a little like a joke, but it's amazing and makes your mouth happy.  Jilly always serves this up whenever she has a get together at her cute little home. Love going there...and eating! haha She gets this jelly from the Christmas Tree Shop in Poughkeepsie.  I haven't been there yet but she plans on taking me one day.  Maybe that store will end up on next years list.  Hmmm.

AMBITION BISTRO:  Recently, I went to Schenectady...which is not only fun to say, it's a pretty fun city to visit, too. Erica and I went on a little adventure to see Dirty Dancing and shop.  While walking around, we stopped to have lunch in this quirky, cute, little fun place. Loved the decor, the people, the Bloody Mary's and the sandwich called 'Jeremy's Package'! (of course we ordered that! haha)  BTW, also ordered the 1st Bloody Mary that I've had since Vegas.  I forgot how amazing they are!  So, this entry has 2 fav's in 1. Check them out on Facebook and then in person!  Ambition Bistro

POO-POURRI - Need I say more?

Note:  Thanks to Rocky for having this out at the campground for me to see!  xox

FOOT SPA: - There is one in Kingston and one in Stone Ridge.  No happy endings but a happy 30 minute foot massage to treat yourself is just as good.  Take time for you.  Treat your feet!

107.3 WRWD: - My friend, Tami, would be proud. I know when I'm belting out Blake Shelton in my car, she is somewhere smiling because  I've once again crossed over the country line.  I haven't taken up line dancing or getting myself pregnant again, but I do know most of the songs on this station. Yes, my fellow rockers, sometimes it is good to embrace all music.  Now, if anyone would like to give their TOC tickets to me, I'd gladly accept.

WHITE FUDGE OREOS:  What do you want first?  The good news or the bad?  Let's do the bad....they are only for a Limited Time.  Around Christmas, these yummy  little suckers appear on the shelves...then disappear just as quickly.  The good...they are AMAZING!  Kudos to Nabisco for taking my O Obsession even farther!  Grab these while you can because if I get there first, there won't be any left.

Now, I don't have many this year because I'm still enjoying all the things from previous years. Nothing really new has floated my boat....but I did save the best for last.

ERICA:  Where do I begin?  My arch nemesis.  The only person I despised for over 20 years.  The only person I said I hated.  The only person who was associated with the bad shit in my previous life. The person I laid blame on. Yea.  Her.


She's my best friend.  Funny how life works, huh?  I was getting ready for my 30th reunion and logged onto Classmates only to find an email from Erica.  Very polite, very nice, asking for help.  She wanted me to talk to my friend about his life and try to save him. I looked at the date because I haven't been friends with said person for 5 years.  Exactly how old her email was.  So, me being me, sat there and thought.  SHIT!  She probably thinks I'm the biggest bitch on the planet!  I ignored her and didn't even mean to.  That's terrible.  Anyone who knows me knows that A.  I'm a forgiver. and B.  I'm nice.   So, I shot her an email of Facebook saying sorry it took me so long, I couldn't help her, hope all is well.

 A few emails later, we are meeting up at Dunkin'.  I'm leery because all I've ever been told about this person has been negative...and myself and everyone I knew.  I gotta say, I was very skeptical, on edge and ready for whatever shit was about to go down.  What went down was WAY different than what I had expected. We talked.  We cleared the air.  She told me things I didn't know. Things that my friends, at the time, told me to be the exact opposite.  She blew my mind.  Literally blew it out of the water.  Now, I'll be the first to tell you that rarely does anything surprise me.  That night, I left Dunkin' more surprised than I have ever been....and I believed this woman.  I believe her. She is a truth teller like me.  We don't have the time or energy for bullshit.  We don't play our game that way.  We are straight to the point, in your face, sorry if you don't like the truth, women.


I can't live without this woman.  We literally rock.  She makes me laugh, she makes me cry, she makes me want to protect her and she protects me.  It's real.  It's genuine.  It's something I am pissed about missing out on.  Mostly mad at myself.  Mad for believing people without investigating.  Mad for not going right to her and asking about all the shit I was told.  Mad for trusting those who didn't deserve my trust.  Gawd...I was so stupid.  But, you know, things happen for a reason.

I'm not sure what the reason is, yet, but I do know it's good...and it's gonna make us laugh. I know that we share secrets.  Some shit I didn't know, some she didn't know and how we both played the fool, at one point or another, with people. We are so much alike, it scares the shit out of me.  Yet, I understand now why my ex love (s/d) her...and me. We are the same person. We are the shit.  It's no wonder why we scare the hell out of people.  It's no wonder people are jealous and insecure over us.  It's no wonder we both get harassed and stalked and attacked by the weak.  We are happy.  We are living our lives, enjoying each other and, best of all, we relate.  We get it.  We understand.  We may be the only ones who do but we don't care what anyone else thinks!  This is about us and only us.

I mean, I do not like living in the past.  In fact, I avoid it at all costs because it does nothing for me. But, I needed to know these things.  To close the door, to forgive, to let go and to realize that maybe this is the reason.  Us.  We are the reason.

So, January 23rd is our frienderversary.  She is the Veronica to my Betty.  The Lucy to my Ethel.  The Baby to my Johnny.  The brownie to my blondie.  My all time favortie of the year is becoming friends with Erica.  Against all odds...and even though it's shocked the hell out of many and pissed off the rest.  We do not care.  We will be friends for the rest of our lives, come hell or high water...or bitches, or hoes, or cheaters, or jackasses, or liars, or chicks whose eyes are too close together.  Yea.  I said it.

You can keep doing what you do and we will keep laughing at you because we know the truth. Anyway, got that out of my system...and it's gone.  Bye, bye.

The best thing about Erica is her heart.  She loves and would do anything for those she loves. It's sad that people...including myself...judge her before they see how beautiful she is.  Plus, our men like each other and are friends, too!  Yay for double dates!

So, here's too another year of adventures, family parties,  girls night outs, vacations, camping trips, dinners, movies, brunches, game nights, holidays, shopping sprees, cocktails, cawfee, kayaking, foot massages, parades, Taco Tuesdays, dog walks, hikes, texts, emails, phone calls, videos...haha...and celebrating our friendship and making up for lost time.

And, most importantly, here is my most sincere apology that you deserve but never knew you deserved it.  I'm so sorry I didn't ask you about you back in the 80's.  I believe you now and I would have believed you then.  I'm sorry I didn't give you that chance.

Love you, Sunshine.

That's all folks, enjoy your holidays and the rest of 2016.