July 7, 2014

I Don't Live There Anymore...

Here's my Sunday Sermon a day late.

Recently, I have been aware of people and their tendency to judge.  It seems to be something that people do to make themselves feel better about either a situation or a past mistake of their own. 

No one is perfect.  This is a sad, yet blatantly true, fact.  Everyone has made mistakes.  Everyone has hurt someone.  Everyone has made the wrong choice.  Everyone has chosen the wrong words or actions.  Everyone has something to be blamed for.  Everyone has guilt.  Everyone.

So, who has the right to place judgment on anyone?  No one...yet...people do. All the time. I tend to believe that it's an ego gratifying way for a person to feel better about themselves..but why?  Insecurity? Jealousy? Fear?  Probably all three, and many more.

There's a quote that says 'Judging someone does not define them.  It defines you.'  We often judge others by how we perceive ourselves.  We know our secrets.  We know our faults.  Yet, it's easier to sit in judgment than to be accountable for our own actions.  We have no idea how we would act until we were put in the same situation as the person we are judging.  We have no idea of their journey, their path, their experience. 

Personally, I have been judged for things that occurred in my past but guess what?  I don't live there anymore.  As long as you never intentionally set out to hurt someone, which I don't think many people do.  As long as you are a good person and strive to be a good person, you're doing great.  Better than most!  As long as you have learned from your past mistakes, actions, words, and make a point to change, you're above most.  So, be proud in your journey.  That is what should define you. Not the words of someone lesser than you who has no other way to feel good about themselves and let go.

And really....who cares what they say or how they feel?  They obviously don't and neither do I.


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