June 10, 2014

A Few of My Favorite Things!

It's time for 'My Favorite Things'!  It's been a long time so here I go.  Let's see what I can conjure up.

1.  Sonic's Diet Cherry Limeade - This shit is delish.  It's summer in a cup.  I'm a non-soda, rare energy, occasional tea, definitely never juicy or Kool-Aid sipper. I'm a coffee and water drinker.  Period.  The end. But.  This stuff is the first drink, in a very long time, that I actually love.

2.  Cool Gear Sedici Fruit Infuser Tumbler - Whew.  That's a mouthful.....of fruity goodness!  Instead of buying the flavored waters, now I make my own.  Many thanks to my friend, Jill, for this gift.  Love it.  Blueberries, cucumbers, strawberries, melon...anything!  Healthy and full of vitamins.  Yum.

3.  Dirty Jobs - Having temporarily moved into a shanty, this stuff is amazing.  The entire house was a dirty job and this stuff saved me from skeeving out...daily. 

4.  Revlon Colorstay Liquid Eye Pen - I always have had cat eyes way before the trend kicked in and this stuff is amazingly on point.  Pencil is too thick and smoky, I don't have a steady enough hand for liquid but this is the best of both worlds.  I've recommended this to many and will continue. 

5.  '05 Harley-Davidson Softail Standard - It's ours!  Finally a bike we can ride together.  I'm not going to don leather, tassles and get neck tattoos but I do love being on a bike.  I especially love being on a bike with Abe.  Four years ago I would have never imagined being on a bike and working at a Harley shop but here I am...and it's my favorite.

6.  Puma's - I bought my first & only pair in Florence, Italy and I've loved them for 7 years.  Now I'm trying to find an exact replacement.  That's how much I love them.  These are about done but I won't give them up until I find a new pair.

7.  Gap Jeans - I have long legs.  I have a small waist.  There is also a fat ass and thunder thighs thrown into that healthy girl mix.  Gap Jeans are long enough and hug my curves like a jean glove.  You can't go wrong with a pair of Gap Jeans - my fav - 1969. Ha.

8.  Honest People - Over the past couple of years, I have come in contact with quite a few liars.  No one likes a liar but my feelings on it go above and beyond.  Because I am a truth teller, I'm the one who has no problem and doesn't blink and eye when calling a liar out.  Which I do....a lot.  So, most who know me, know to tell the truth.  I am smart.  I am fearless. I am confrontational. If you don't want to be called out - don't lie.  There's usually no reason and no gain, the truth always comes out and it makes you look like a big ass loser. I have much more respect for those who, even in hard times, tell the truth.  Kudos for honesty.

9.  Hiking - I love the woods.  Love them!  I could build a shanty and just hang out in the woods all the time.  I love hiking.  It's like a mini-adventure and it's so cool when I find surprising things!  Like a cave with snow on the ground.  Or a cave you could walk into and see a river.  Buy a pair of hiking boots and take a walk in the woods.  Let your eyes see the beauty and amaze at nature.  It's worth it.

10.  Fairy Lights - Ok, Ok, they aren't fairy lights.  They are white christmas lights but I love stringing them up on my back deck.  It's a fun, romantic, quirky light for those evenings when you want to sit outside and listen to the night.  Plus, it's instant decor for house party's.

11.  Abe's Recliner - I finally broke down and fulfilled Abe's recliner wish.  He's already like an 80 year old man so why not. haha!  We have a recliner and not only does he love it, I love it, Amanda loves it and so does Fred.  It's a win/win.  I didn't go the full blown grandpa La-Z-Boy.  It's a cute sage green recliner that matches my couch and is adorbs.  Thanks to Nancy for this gem. 

12.  Omni Pod - After not having health insurance for a year...that's right...a YEAR!  I am finally back on an insulin pump. While my A1C was that bad after a year of free flying - it's was 7.8.  I am usually better than that.  I range between a 6.8 and a 7.1.  So.  Shooting up is not the way for me to go.  I'm pretty sure stress, drama and chaos didn't help matters either.  But, now...now!! I'm back to getting healthy.  Me and Omni are reunited and it feels so good.  Oh...and did I mention it's SMALLER!! Yay!

13.  Cinnamon Cawfee - While I love Cinnamon Coffee, I hate Dunkin' Donuts.  They stopped serving cinnamon....but kept coconut.  What?  The?  Hell!!!  I do love the Blueberry Coffee still but sometimes I like something different and Cinnamon was the choice. DD stole my choice but I still love Cinnamon and will buy my own K-Cups.  Hmph.

14.  Blueberry Bagels - Love them.  Love blueberry's.  The end.

15.  My glassers - Love the crap out of these because I'm seriously going blind.  This is what I get for bragging to Amanda - who has had glassers since Middle School - about my 20/20 perfect vision.  Over 40 sucks and now I can't see....when I'm not wearing my blue glassers.

16.  Pedicures - They make me nervous because Diabetes + Feet = Potential Danger but I love pedicures.  I dig the massage chair.  I dig the scrubby/scrapy thing that gets all the scrubby dead skin off and I dig the fact that they can give me a flawless French Pedicure.  What I don't love is when I ask for flowers.  They are always lame.  That is a lesson learned.  No flowers. 

17.  Good Health - I don't go to the gym regularly.  I have a tendency to be lazy.  I eat junk food and drink way too much coffee.  I have had Type 1 Diabetes for 28 years - almost 29.  But, I am healthy.  Granted, my teeth are falling out and my thyroid has taken a shit right along with my pancreas but all else is good.  Kidneys, Liver, Vitamin D, Cholesterol, Eyes, Heart, Iron...my body is fighting this disease like champ. 

18.  Colorful Pens - My boss calls me a hippie but it's the little things that make me smile.  Signing documents in pink ink....why not?  You only live once.

19.  This Hat - I saw it in Woodstock and didn't have $36 extra dollars to buy it.  So, a quick snapshot, an angry shop worker and a memory.  But, it's my favorite hat...even if it's pink.

20.  Taffy - I love my car.  She's old.  She's paid for.  She's has blind spots.  She's beat the hell up but this is the best car I've ever had.  Poor Taffy has been from San Diego to New York, from Nevada to Washington and everywhere in between. Still running, still peppy, still carting my gypsy ass around and them some.  I really owe this car an amazing detailing. 

What are some of your favorite things?  I may want to try them!