September 16, 2013

I'm weird.

Whoever said love was easy.....wait....did anyone ever say love was easy? If so, they are lying. So are the couples who say they never argue, fight, get angry, etc etc. Every couple and every relationship is hard work. I dont care who you are. If it were easy, the divorce rate wouldn't be so obscene.

Whoever said love was grand..well, they were only talking about when its going grand. Whenever its going stinky..well, then love stinks. Love can be many things but its always a mixture of good and bad. I'm figuring that out. 

But, I'm not a runner. I used to be. When I was in high school. When I was supposed to be. But, not now.  Now I value love and respect the emotion. I can't say I've been in love a lot but I can say that this time matters to me. All of its imperfections are what makes it work. Strangely enough.

At least it works for now. Haha! I reserve the right to bail and move to France at any given moment though.

Speaking of France, here's a conversation I just had with my daughter via text. PS..she loves France.

Her: Guess what?
Me:  You're a monkey and I'm not?
Her:  No. I volunteered for the book fair.
Me:  Nice! You & Nona are the big volunteers. Now I feel like I have to volunteer for something.
Her:  Do it!
Me:  I'm too busy.
Her: OMG. Haha. no, you aren't.
Me:  Yes, I am! Right now I am walking Sunny and looking for peacocks!
Her:  Looking for peacocks? In Tennessee? Oh, honey.  I've got to get you out of there. You're losing it.

Then I stopped for a minute and thought...I am losing it. I forget people do not live in my mind. This causes me to have conversations that would, legally, make me certifiable. All you really need is two witnesses.  

My blood sugar dropped to 28 the other night. In typical Diabetes fashion, I was yelling, screaming and mean. Thankfully, the paramedics showed up and the entire neighborhood was there to witness their arrival. 

Obviously, I am still alive. 

The next day, I was outside and the neighbor came over. A cute old man named Bill. He asked if I was ok and I told him the Diabetic story.  He said 'I couldn't tell if that was you screaming or if it was the peacocks.' I said 'Peacocks?' He said 'Yes. They live in those trees across the street by the field.' 

Two things popped into my head simultaneously. I sound like a peacock and I want to find them. So, in my head, I totally make sense...and I'm on a mission.  Haha! I didn't find them today but when I do, I'm totally naming one 'Kevin'.

I'm so weird. 

I wonder if cats can see ghosts. Fred..who I think is losing his eyesight and is a fatty..will stare at the wall for hours on end. Just stare like there is something there. Then Timmy..who is an alien...will be sitting on the couch looking at me, then jerk his head and stare at the ceiling. Yes, I look and no, there is nothing there. 

What the hell are they looking at?!? Or what the hell do they hear?? Creepy kits.

You know what else is weird? The houses that have the stars on them. What does that mean? Is it some sort of cult? Are they aliens, too? What? Those stars go right along with the yard flags. What are those? Why are they necessary? Why don't they have a yard flag with a star on it?! You know..kill two birds. 

Actually, there are a ton of yard flags in my neighborhood and I'm glad. I wouldn't know what season or holiday it was without them.  Hell, I wish they would have 'Days of the Week' ones because I don't know that either. 

Today is Wednesday. Right? Yea...I'm seeing all those annoying 'Hump Day' commercials on my Facebook newsfeed. 

People need to be more original. I need 'Days of the Week' underwear.


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