September 10, 2013

Hey, It's Ok....

Looking at my life, I just realized that I typically have lost jobs in May and have gotten new jobs in October. Maybe the same will ring true for TN. Because, seriously, I'm thinking TN may have been a mistake.

I did NOT want to move here. Living my future in Abe's past was not appealing to me. But, he missed his kids & family and, in a moment of weakness, I said 'Forget Myrtle Beach, lets go to Maryville.' Here I am...4 months into it, I still don't have a job, money or a best friend. 

I don't feel like this is my home.

It's funny because I did this for him and he's fine. He's got a job, his family, his friends, his kids. Although, after two years of his kids making him feel horrible in NY, they never come over or call him. I don't understand. But, whatever. He's fine. I'm the one struggling. Our life was this shit in NY. I had my family, friends, a job I loved and a great house. I was happy.

I hate our house here. It's gross. I don't like the people. I love Abe's family and my Mom is here so that's good. But, we are more broke than ever and I'm not used to that. At all. 

I think I'm depressed.

BUT! My favorite season is coming and I lit my first Autumn candle today. Le sigh. Hopefully, Autumn will make me happy, I'll get a job I love and everything will be ok. 

In other news, I still want to live by the beach. Thankfully for me, so does Abe!! Haha! Eventually, people, eventually. I'm pretty sure I won't ever sit next to some old man in a dentist office and hear him say 'I think we'll have groundhog for supper.' by the beach. Seafood, maybe, but not road kill.


Keeping calm and moving on.....

PS...can we be over the 'Keep Calm' bs. Unfortunately, it doesn't make me remain calm. It makes me want to punch the person that posted that crap. 

I found on fun time waster...that Glamour has and '' Hey, It's Ok... ' board. Love it and am stealing the idea. 

Here's my version of 'Hey, Its Ok....'

That I am excited for the new seasons of Survivor and American Horror Story. 

That some days I stay in my pjs all day. I'm unemployed and have nothing to dress up for! It's also ok to not wear make up, have a dirty house and put my hair in a sloppy bun.

That I told Oreo my 'Double Stuf' looked like regular Stuf and I was disappointed! They are sending me a gift! Fatty is getting a reimbursement coupon! 

That I love autumn but don't like pumpkin flavor crap like my daughter and my cousin.

That I'm going to be 45 and am starting to age. I've seen what a lot of people my age look like and I'm not doing so badly! 

Feel free to share your 'Hey, It's Ok..' thoughts. 



  1. Today was a good day. I didn't have to use my AK.

  2. Hey, it's OK not to like that "Keep Calm" bullshit, it is, after all, 60 years old, and who the fuck says that shit anyway?

    Hey, it's OK to wear PJs all day. Who are your neighbours, the fashion police? Screw it! But, I do hope you brush and floss daily!

    Hey, it's OK that you really wanted your Double Stuff to be really Double Stuff. I woulda been mad as fish grease about that shit!

    Hey, it's OK to hate where you live. I despise where I live, but not enough to move back to the US... yet. It takes time to meet people, and without a job, it takes even more time, because that's where most people strike up friendships. I haven't had a job in years, so I haven't really made any new friends in several years, well, except maybe the people I met in the psych ward last year that I still keep in touch with, but that's different.