November 16, 2012

Shivers, Sushi & Spectacles.

I hate the cold.  Literally despise it.  I feel more cold this year than I have the past 2 years of living in the tundra.  I wonder if it's because we just got back from Vegas.  I guess I can blame Vegas.  Why not? The moment we stepped off the plane my body was joyous.  WARMTH!!!  SUN!!! HOW I'VE MISSED YOU!!!  Oh my gawd.  Then we step off thd plane here and my body shivered, wimpered and let's out a death moan.  Oh my gawd.  Guess which response was better?

I just can't get warm.  I'm sitting in the office right now, have a space heater..on high...pointed directly at my chair, have Uggs, jeans, a tank top and a sweatshirt on AND my nose is still cold. 


I need to find a place where there are only 3 seasons and NONE of them are winter. 

Myrtle Beach?  Hmmm.  Charleston?  Hmmmm.

Hey, I've got a question.  Does anyone write in cursive anymore?  Actually, does anyone write anymore?  My signature is sort of a print/cursive mixture but that's how I normally write....when that occassion occurs. But, I don't really see cursive.  Whenever we get a letter from a customer at work, it's print.  Whenever I look at Amanda's homework, it's print.  Have we given up on cursive handwriting?  Most teens can text 80 words a minute but can they write a paragraph in cursive?  Or would it end up looking like giving a monkey a pencil and piece of paper while he's having a seizure?  Anyway.  I think we should write more letters.  I like getting letters more than emails or texts.  I mean, while emails and texts make me smile, a handwritten letter is more real, more personal...methinks.  I used to send my friends cards all the time but that kind of got pushed to the side.  I'm buying cards this weekend, though, and writing my friends. 

Yea.  That's my weekend plan. 

You know what else I like?  Compliments.  I am horrible at recieving them but who doesn't like hearing nice things?  I'm going to write cards this weekend and say nice things to people I know...and strangers, too.

I'm on my way to making the world a better place.  No winter.  Letters.  Compliments.  It's a good start.

This should help ease the pain of Hostess closing down.  I don't like Twinkies anyway...ew.  But...HoHo's? Cupcakes? Fruit Pies?  YODELS??! Abe's going to have a heart attack without Ring Dings!  Oy vey.   Fatty's the world over are going to have a rough time with this one.

I swear, if there ever was a sign that the Mayans would be's the closing of Hostess.

Speaking of which, December 21st, huh?  I wonder how many babies are going to be born in September 2013. 

I'm torn between worrying if I'm going to be laid off or hoping that I'm going to be laid off.  If the end of the world is coming, I certainly don't want to waste what little time I have left at work.  

But, it will probably just be a faux doomsday panic just like it was in 2000.  I better work and buy Christmas presents...just to be safe.

Do you ever get tired of eating the same thing?  I do.  Abe eats a ham sandwich, Doritos and Ring Dings every day for lunch.  It makes me want to gag.  I don't eat left overs because I can't stand having the same thing so close together.  It's sucks trying to figure out dinners because it's always chicken, pork, steak or pasta.  Gah!  Why aren't there more foods?  I'm so tired of eating the same thing I could vomit.  Actually, I want sushi.  That I could eat every day.  I'm going to text Abe right now and tell him I want sushi.  My other option is ravioli.  Blah.  Someone needs to invent something different to eat....different but good...and healthy...and easy.  Ok.  I'm hungry.

Let's see...what else.....I went to a psychic in Salem last weekend.  She told me to write more. She said it's how I vent and to keep splashing it with my humor.  The thing is...writer's block.  I can't think of things to write about or I forget things to write about.  I'm totally losing my memory.  AND my eyesight!  I can't see shit now.  It's getting progressively worse and I just got reading glasses!  I hope I don't become blind like a lot of Diabetics do.  That would suck.  I think I'd rather be deaf than blind.  Anyway.  Yes...I'm wearing my glasses.  In fact, I'm going to call them spectacles.  Just to make it more cool that I can't see and am almost 45.

Anyway, that's all I can come up with under short notice. Unless you have suggestions. I can write the shit out of anything so bring it...if you want it broughten.