October 24, 2012

TP, Champagne and the End of the World.

Here's another episode of random thoughts by Kelly....dun dun dunnnnnn.....

I've already started thinking about Christmas. It's ridiculous. I LOVE giving people gifts. Love it. It's my favorite. But, the money crap puts limits on the gifts I can buy. That frustrates me to no end. Seriously...to no end. I'm still used to being able to spend how much I want on what I want when I want. Blah. Budgeting sucks ass. When the hell am I going to get used to being poor.

Champagne on a beer budget.

Champagne. Mmm. I'm going to Vegas this weekend thanks to my loves, Erik & Charles. They have accumulated a million plus air miles and were wonderful enough to get Amanda & I tickets with some of those miles. Hopefully we didn't put too much of a dent in them. Gah.

First off, I'm so happy to go to Vegas. Who knew??!! The fact that those words escape my lips has me totally confused. Second off, how lucky am I to have such an amazing set of friends. I feel like I don't deserve them and could never repay their kindness. I feel truly loved and blessed. I'm taking them for sushi Saturday night. YAY! Sushi and friends in Vegas. I may not be lucky enough to win lotto but I am one damn lucky lady.

THEN!! I'm going to a brunch that my friend Tami is having. Mimosa's!! YAY AGAIN! Champagne!!  Mmmm! I miss Tami so stinking much. I have seen almost all of my friends from Vegas since I moved but Tami is one I haven't seen. I cannot wait and I know I'm going to cry. But then I'm going to laugh my ass off.

I have eaten so much candy in the past week that I think...for the first time in my life...I'm sick of sugar. Ugh. I've been shooting up and chowing down. I have no self control, I swear. BUT...this is good. I'm sick of it. I hope it lasts. At least until my ass shrinks a few sizes.

Have you ever heard your voice on video or tape? I did. I took some video of the autumn leaves this week. I can't believe that is my voice. It sounds SO different in my head. In my head, I sound deeper and cooler. In real life, I guess, I sound girly and obnoxious. Gag. I never want to hear that shit again.

Another have you...have you ever gotten toilet paper stuck in your jeans? OMG. We buy our TP at Sam's because it's bulk. This makes my weekly grocery shopping a little less annoying. This TP, I think, is too soft. The other day, I'm sitting at work and I rubbed my leg. I felt this bump in my jeans. Frantic, I think it's a bug. Freaking NY has so many creepy crawleys that it's not odd that I would think that.


I go into the bathroom and rip my jeans off like I'm in some sort of scary movie or soft porn. Out falls a tiny little piece of rolled up TP. Really? Are you kidding? A. Where did that come from? and B. Why? Ew.
Now I pay extra attention to the whole wiping chore.

I also think that I want a job that I love. Writing, social media, photography. Something creative. My mind literally dies doing accounting. Blah. I wish I didn't have to work for the money and I could just work for the love of the job. But...if my job was to do these things...would I still love it? Or would it get annoying, frustrating and become like work actually is? I wonder. I also think I should move to South Carolina. Charleston. Now. Before this horrible winter comes. Brrr.

This sentence is just a friendly reminder that the world is supposed to end in 58 days. 58 days. You're welcome. If I only have 58 days left, I sure as shit do not want to be working, on the internetz, paying bills, or doing my hair. Hmph. I want to be having sex, eating all the sushi I can, see everything and NOT buy any of those Christmas presents I've been thinking about.


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  1. Ha ha! Some guy that doing some elevator work for Mike said that he was wrapping things up because of the end of the world. Then proceeds to tell Mike how the end is near. You know Bradshaw.... So therefore elevator of doom guy told Bradshaw he was brainwashed. So Mike said, "You better look in a mirror bro, you got some shit right here" (points to forehead).