October 14, 2012

A few of my favorite things - 2012 version.

Close to the end of each year, I make a list of my favorite things.  Some things have changed year to year and other things have remained the same. Kind of like me. 

1.  Abe and Amanda.  My best friends.  The loves of my life.  The only reasons I wake up each morning. Still....and always.

2.  iPad.  Yep.  I'm a geek.  This little sucker has been my social media fort, my photography source, my portable DJ, my shopping trips, my game night, my library and my source of knowledge.

3.  Apple Cider Donuts.  Oh. My. Goodness.  Only in October are these little gems the shit.  So yummy delicious.  It's like all the fabu things of Autumn right in your mouth.  Yum.  You can get these almost anywhere in the Hudson Valley at this time of year.

4.  My Vintage Rings.  My dad bought me a $15 vintage ring in New Paltz last year for Christmas.  It's teal with a purple swallow on it.  I loved it so much....and then I lost it.  Amanda bought me another one for my birthday.  I was happy again.  Then she surprised me with another.  This one is blue with an anchor because I'm a Sahler.  Now I have two vintage rings and love them both.

5.  Hard Rolls with Butter.  This is my every morning breakfast when I go to work. I've already mentioned this in a previous blog but that's ok. I probably am crying out for intervention. I'm totally addicted in the same way I'm addicted to Oreos, Sour Octopi and Chocolate Cookies.  Yum.  I probably should just paste a buttered hard roll on each ass cheek because that's where they are ending up.  *sigh*

6.  My Great Gatsby bag.  I love this bag and this, too, is my every morning I go to work bag.  I got it at Barnes and Noble for like $3 or something.  Cheap and fabulous.

7.  Timmy.  Abe wanted a new kitty.  I'm a sucker for any pet so off Abe went to get one.  He found Timmy and immediately fell in love.  We kept the name the shelter gave him. I think it fits him and every time I say his name, I sound like Southpark. This makes me giggle. It's obviously apparent that we cannot have a normal pet because Timmy is as quirky as the rest.  But...he sleeps with me every night and makes me smile.

8.  Main Street Bistro.   This place is amazing. Our favorite place for breakfast. Just as cool, quirky & eclectic as New Paltz is BUT serving up delish food. The wait line is always outrageous. once seated you get random napkins thrown on the table with zero flair. You are sitting so close to the other patrons that you suddenly have a new family. ita loud, busy, casual, real and definitely worth it. I give Main Street two thumbs up.

9.  Revlon ColorStay Liquid Eye Pen.  I won't use anything else.  I've always been a 'dramatic cat-eye' girl that hates liquid eyeliner.  Ladies...you know the drill.  The liquid ends up all over your face and  you end up looking like you're either shit faced drunk or starring in yet another remake of 'The Grudge'.  This pen is amazing.  The liquid effects with a precise pencil line.  Love!

10.  Yankee Candle.  I'm certainly not an addict but I love that there is a smell for every season or holiday.  I spent September smelling 'Vineyards'. I'm spending October smelling 'Witches Brew' and I'll spend November smelling 'Autumn Wreath'.  Yum.


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