September 5, 2012

Fat, Broke & Happy

I think it's funny that so many people think I have money....or that my family has money. I must be pretty awesome at remaining the same or adapting well or basically just looking fabu.

Or maybe all three.

I went from owning a 3 bedroom house in NV to renting a 3 bedroom house in NY. I left all of the furniture I bought at Ashley Furniture and purchased all new furniture at yard sales. I have had the same car for 6 years and, yes, it's paid for. I used to get massages every month, go to Disney every 3 months, have sushi and go to the movies every Friday night, get my hair done and get waxed religiously. My pedicure always looked cute and I had a closet full of shoes. That's just a fraction of my previous life luxurys.

Now I own 2 pair of jeans, haven't seen a movie outside of my home in ages, desperately need a massage, a waxing and a pedi. I haven't had my hair professionally done in years. My sushi outings are far and few between...not to AND my feet totally forgot what sassy new shoes feel like.

The reason I can go to Myrtle Beach or take a day trip to the city is because of these things. Because my hair is a mess, I dress like a hobo and, if it werent for cheap razors, I'd have a 1970's karma sutra bush. 


I went from making $65,000 a year to making $22,000 a year and still surviving. I work constantly doing accounting and I hate math! I have outrageous medical bills every month and I barely stay above water most months. It's more expensive to live in NY and winter is coming, which scares the shit out of me because a couple months of heating fuel costs a grand.  I don't believe in God but I'm even praying for just a small portion of a lotto jackpot!

I just wish I could see my life...and myself...the way others see it.

Maybe then I wouldn't be so worried about being broke....or fat.

Speaking of lotto, Amanda won $100 on a scratch off the other day! Her first one since turning 18. I have to admit, I was jealous. Especially since I bought it for her! Rawr!  She was so excited though and she's buying me a present so I can't really complain. Then, the very next day Abe won $40! Yay for lotto!  But WTF for me?? haha!

I swear, I've gambled more in NY then I ever did in Vegas. 
Well, my favorite season is almost here.  I'll be turning 44 just as the leaves will be turning red, gold and orange.  I'm trying to think about words of wisdom I could share about my 44 years of gracing the planet with my presence.  But, moreso, I'm thinking about driving up to Salem to get the full effect of Autumn and Halloween.  Ooops.  There I go, again, making millions.  Haha!

Oh well.  I just spend my money differently than some.  I'd rather have experiences than materialistic things.  I'd rather have memories instead of Botox.  I'd rather have pictures then gold and silver. That's just how I am.  I want to live.  Even if that means I have to eat Ramen.  You can make some amazing shit with Ramen, anyway.  Plus, I need to lose some weight.

Speaking of fat....I've gained 13 pounds since June!  My effing Diabetes and Thyroid are continuously screwing with me.  I wish I had money for a cupcake though.  Slurp. 

Truth is....I'm fat, broke and happy. 

But, please, do continue with these visions of fabulosity.  Kinda makes me feel good about myself believing that I'm rich and I'm drinking Walmart water and pondering my holey, stained, thrift store jeans.


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  1. It's not how you feel, it's how you look and dahling, you look mahvelous!