July 30, 2012


Where have all of my blog photos gone? 


Hmmm...? Curiouser and curiouser. Kinda pisses me off though because one of the joys of blogging for me is finding redick photos to post with whatever redick things escape from my mind. Le sigh. Oh well. Clean slate, I suppose.

La de dah.

I have had a very busy summer. While this is good and fun, it also takes away from things that I wanted to do. Like write....my crafts....explore....photograph NY before I leave....


I said it.   My time here is coming to a close. Some people wander...some people dont. I guess I was born to wander. I love NY and it will always be home but it's not my home. I don't belong here. I'm not quite sure where I belong but I'm brave enough to find out. Scary? Yes. But, that's ok. Sometimes the most amazing things come from diving head first into the water instead of slowly wading in.

Abe was thinking about going back to TN.  I wasn't so keen on the idea because there is just a lot of unnecessary drama there.  It's not good for him and it certainly wouldn't be good for me. Then my step mother said 'You two need to start your future where there isn't a past.' She couldn't have said it better. Both of us agreed so now we are scoping out Myrtle Beach.  It's closer to his girls and he loves the beach.  I love him so whatever.  

We shall see. I'm a survivor though...so...like another song says....'If I can make it there....I'll make it anywhere....' I've made it here..and quite well, actually. Despite what many have thought.  Psh. Ha.

On to the next adventure. :)

The summer is not over though. It's Fair season! This weekend is the old school Ulster County Fair. Next comes Amanda's birthday. We are going to try camping at Lake George. Then a day at Great Escape. That will hopefully take away from the fact that we are novice campers. Haha! I am trying to get Abe to TN for a weekend. He needs a weekend with his girls. However, the friendly skies aren't being very friendly. I'd also like to get to Vegas before my mom leaves. I'm craving Retro cupcakes and all-you-can-eat sushi.

I have to tell ya, though, I'm excited for winter so I can be snowbound and just relax. 


Let's see what else is roaming around in my head, shall we?

I love karma. Especially when it's instant karma....even when it happens to me.  Yesterday, we just came back from grocery shopping and we were carrying the bazillion bags into the house. We have this big hill going towards the side door..the one we always use. So, Amanda has her 2 bags, strutting down the hill, slips and catches herself. I'm at the top of the hill and I just start laughing.  So, I have my 20 bags, strutting down the hill, slip and fall...hard...on my ass. I start laughing, almost crying and acknowledge karma. Abe is at the top of the hill trying not to laugh and yelling at me saying that's what I get for laughing at Amanda. Haha! Oy vey. Then Amanda starts yelling the same thing from inside the house. I hurt my ass, my right thumb, my left shoulder, broke one egg and crushed the donuts. Yea...that's what I get.  Well played, karma.  Well played.

Funny thing is...it took this happening twice for me to learn my lesson. Abe slipped on the hill this winter. I was following him, there was snow, and I was saying 'Im not a retard like you...I slipped and fell on my ass. I dont think that one hurt but I was laughing so hard I couldn't tell.  It was classic karmedic payback.  

Apparently I AM a ra-tard.

And this ra-tard is losing interest in many of her reality show addictions. I didn't even need an intervention! The Amazing Race has become a little less amazing. Big Brother doesn't keep me watching either. I think I don't like when they bring old players back. They've already had their chance so begone! Let someone else have their 5 minutes of glory. Plus, not only do they bring back old players, they bring back the annoying old players! Did Amazing Race really think anyone on this planet wanted to hear whiny, dumb ass Rachel's voice again? Ugh. And, do I have to watch idiot Boogie have a screaming seizure in the diary room again? PLEASE! Plus, I cant stand Julie Chen. Who dresses that woman? Gah.  Fashion nightmare. Bleck. Survivor still has a chance of keeping me entertained but....it's shaky. I also thought I was over Project Runway, too, because of the new host. However, I heard my BFF, Heidi, will be back so there's hope. 

(I love you, Heidi Klum!)

Personally, I think my life should be a reality show. That shit would be worth watching. Every season. I promise you. ;)

I'm a maniac.

And a ra-tard.


So, my birthday is coming close. No, this isn't a hint for presents. But...they are always welcome. *wink wink nudge nudge* No. This will be my 44th year of life. Holy crap on a cracker. Am I really 44? Seriously? I don't feel like I'm that old. In fact, I feel like I range somewhere between 8 and 28 most of the time. Perhaps there been an error.  It's possible. Ya know?  Shush.

44 is scary. Not scary because I'm getting older. Scary because I don't feel older. It makes me wonder if I'm going to wake up one morning unable to get out of bed without assistance, using my tennis ball walker to get to the toilet, having to put on a pair of depends and having to put my teeth in just so I can go sit in my chair and watch The Price Is Right. All the while thinking I should be getting a tattoo, skipping in the forest or playing Apples to Apples. Then getting upset that I can't behave like I behave in my mind. Does that make sense? 

I mean, I am 43 and I just sat in an Applebee's restroom taking a pregnancy test so I could be sure it was ok to order Margaritas. A woman my age should be thinking about her 401K and if her report is in her briefcase.  Not where she will wander next or what grand adventure she should be having.  She should be wearing a business suit and sensible shoes.  She shouldn't be painting her toenails blue and dancing when she gets an Oreo.

Or am I doing it right?

Am I as young as I feel or am I fooling myself? Where women my age are getting Botox to make themselves feel better, I already feel good. My wrinkles show that I've had a real life. Would my life be the same without them? Sure. Would I look better without them? Probs. But I don't care. I feel young. That's not a bad thing.

Is it??


Old age is supposed to be golden.  I just hope that doesn't mean I'll be incontinent.  

I don't think I have enough skin left for all the tattoos I want.  Abe and I are getting matching tattoos next.  We are putting it on our left side, by our heart.  Amanda and I are getting matching tattoos when she is 18 to match my mother.  I think I want that one on my ankle.  My sister, father and I are thinking about getting matching tattoos.  Not sure where.  My sister and I are thinking of getting matching tattoos.  Not sure where there either.  Then I want a couple more for just me. 

I don't want to end up applying for jobs at Ringling.  I just like being inked.  


Sometimes I admire how weird I am.  


I am totally getting over a lot of my realty shows. Amazing Race lost me this season. Big Brother is losing me. I think I don't like when they keep bringing the same freaking people back. They had their shot. Be done! Especially mind numbing when they bring back the idiot players. Ugh. Like Rachel on the Amazing Race. Did the producers seriously think we wanted more of her dumb, whiny ass? No is the correct answer.  Then Boogie on Big Brother. Yawn. Like that ego needed inflating more? Anyway. I'm totally bored with it. Survivor still has me hanging on. Project Runway lost me a bit with a different hostess. But, I heard Heidi will be back on the next one so I may jump back on that wagon. We'll see.