January 2, 2012

WTH is He?

I think the word 'boyfriend' is lame.

I do. I think it's a good word to use when you are young..but if you are past 30....he's no longer a boy. If you are dating....he's no longer a friend. I mean..he's more than a friend. Yea?

I also think it's lame because I have enough boy friends. In fact, I probably have more boy friends than I do girl friends. So there. I also have enough man friends...so I'm good there, too.

So, what term is appropriate?

I want more than a boy friend. I want more than a man friend. I want more.

All the seemingly appropriate terms are used for gay relationships.

Domestic partner.
Life partner.

I don't like Significant Other. SO......blah and lame in itself.

I don't like Partner. That sounds like we are going into business together.

I don't like Lover. That suggests sex only...and while sometimes that is the case...haha...it's not always.

He's not my fiance. Though he likes to say he is by calling my daughter his 'step daughter', my father his 'father in law' and me is 'fiance'. Though he's talked about it, a lot, and asked permission from my mother & daughter....it's not true.

He's not my fiance.

He's not my husband.

He's not my room mate.

He's not my fuck buddy.


What the hell is he?

Just Abe.

I guess.


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