January 12, 2012

Thursday Thoughts.

Why does the conditioner run out before the shampoo? Huh? Ladies? Why? Drives me up the wall. If I were the maker of shampoos and conditioners, I would do the following:

Make the conditioner bottle larger than the shampoo bottle!!!
Make them pretty colors.
Make them smell amazing.
Make them actually work and do the things they say they will do. You want bouncy hair? That shit will bounce out of the shower. You want straight & silky hair. BOOM! Straight as a board and silky soft!

Stupid Herbal Essence. Or Garnier. Or whomever!! I can't count the number of half used shampoo bottles hanging about in my bathroom. It's impossible for an anal retentive Virgo like myself to use a different conditioner. They are supposed to match AND they are supposed to disappear at the same rate. *sigh* RAWR!

I went to the Dr. yesterday. I have a really bad cold and needed some antibiotics. My pharmacy is right next to Dunkin' Donuts. Oh, thank heaven! (Forget you 7-11!) While I was waiting for my script, I popped into DD to get my signature Blueberry Cawfee and a Boston Creme. Which!!!! by the way, I need to write Dunkin' Donuts a strongly worded email! The old DD lady gave me BAVARIAN creme instead of BOSTON! No bueno! They better give me some coupons. Anyway. One of the young girls behind the counter smiled at me and said 'HI! I haven't seen you in so long! You used to come in every morning. Where've you been?' I didn't know if this was cool....or just really sad. DD is like my Cheers....and I'm Norm. *sigh*

I have decided that I am a 16 year old in a 43 year old body. I am. I won't lie. I love being online. I love Facebook. I love Blogger. I love Tumblr. Tumblr is the oddest because all it is is posting pictures of cool stuff. Lame but I do it. Is it because I truly am 16 or is it because I'm bored out of my freaking MIND! Like bat shit crazy!! Plus, I'm a stalker. Online. Only. I don't have the time or gas money to stalk in real life. So, I do it online. Yep yep. I probably need a grown up hobby. Like knitting. Or join a red hat club. Or...collect stamps.

Ok. Am I the only jackass that tries to carry 20 plastic grocery bags in at one time instead of making 2 trips to the car?

And here's another question. What does the PU stand for in 'PU. That stinks.'?

I need a nap. Damn me for all the naps I hated or fought against when I was little. I would love to get those times back right now. *yawn*


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  1. Silly girl, the P.U. is the sound people make when they smell a stinky: peeee-yewww!

    Don't waste your time with the Red Hat club, it sucks. If you were a dude I could get you in to The Big Man-Junk Club, but you're not so I can't, sorry.