January 10, 2012

My Sky is Freaking Awesome.

'You're the loves of her life. And a guy's just lucky to come in fourth.' ~Mr. Big

Probably one of the most profound...and most accurate...lines Mr. Big has ever uttered on 'Sex and the City'.

My friends are the loves of my life. The only difference between Carrie & I is that I have Amanda. Amanda is THE love of my life. It's true. She is. I mean...why wouldn't she be? Have you met her? ;) My step-mother says that children choose their parents. Amanda was spot on when she chose me. Not only because I am fabulous but, also because I don't know that anyone could have been more suited to me than her. So, well done, Amanda!

Now, on to my friends. I know I have said this before but it's worthy of being said again. I have some kick ass friends. Everyone knows that friendships change throughout one's life. As you evolve and change, so do your close relationships. People come, people go, connections fade, connections grow...I'm a poet, apparently. Anyway, I grew up having one major best friend and a collection of fabulous clsoe friends. Many of us are still BFFE's. Some of us are closer than others, but we certainly all kept to the FE part.

In Vegas, I have a superior collection of friends I call my Sin City Core. These women are my soulmates. Soulmates I was fortunate enough to find in a vast empty desert. Some mates I have lost, some mates I have gained, but all of them I have loved deeply. It took a long time to find these magnificent humans and I refuse to let them go. No matter what the distance between us is...and the way I move around, this is a good thing!

Back in NY, I have....again...lost a few and gained a few. A few wonderful friends who continue to amaze me daily with their loving hearts and sincere friendship. New Yorkers are tough and they love just as tough. So, knowing that these wonderful humans, my Apple Core, love me is mindblowing and humbling. I refuse to let them go, too. Oh, and they also have a surprising knack of showing up just when I need them most. ;)

While I have been lucky in friends and unlucky in love my entire life, I can finally say now I am lucky in both. Abe is my very best friend and the love of my life. Who knew?! I wish I would have known back in 1988. I would have stayed with him instead of leaving him for another colossal waste of time and life. Oh, how both of our lives would have been different. But, I wasn't ready for him then. I am now. Abe doesn't come in 4th, like Big thinks he does. No, no. Abe is tied with Amanda and my friends. He's part of the whole. He's everything I need and want in my life. Right along side all of these other glorious stars in my sky.


My sky is a freaking awesome masterpiece!!

I don't know what I did to deserve these people in my life but it must have been stunningly wonderful! Lucky me! I wonder what the heck they did to deserve me! Oy! Probably something naughty because I'm nothing but trouble. haha! BUT, I'm a loyal, honest, loving, will do anything for her core, kind of trouble.

So, cheers to friendships!! And to the loves of your life. *clink*



  1. Aweeeee ... this is BEAUTIFUL. Just like you are! It warms my heart to hear you talk about the lvoes of your life this way. Just think, if you had known that about Abe waaaay back in the day, we wouldn't have met. 'Tis perfect. LURVE!

  2. I love you for all you are and all you're not. I love how you tell the raw truth and you don't waver from your core beliefs. I love your sense of humor which remains even in your darkest hours. I love that witty and clever brain of yours - I mean really who else comes up with The Lying, The Bitch and The Wardrobe!?

    I hope I fall somewhere between your Sin City and Apple Core -

    Seared Tuna ;-)

  3. Amanda is awesome. You both are. I'm glad you have each other.