December 27, 2011

2011 Bullshit

Well, this is my year end blog. Be prepared for the same things I give you every year...honesty, heart, reality and humor. Some things never change regardless of the year.

I have to say, 2011 was the best of times...and it was the worst of times.

In no particular order, here are just a few 2011 highlights.

Hurricane Irene.
A friendship ended.
New friendships evolved & grew.
Moved again.
Harassed for no particular reason.
Love walked in.
Love moved in.
New job.
Old job.
Mom visited.
2 pregnancy's.
2 engagements.
Sin City Core in NYC.
Garlic Festival.
Pickle Festival.
Rosendale Street Festival.
Sunday Funday.
2 plays.
Driving lessons.
Birth control.
25 year high school reunion.
Black squirrels, black bears, black mink.
October snow.
A new family.
An old family.
A closer family.
Soulmates reunited.
Life of a teenager...all drama included.
Weight loss.
Diabetes improvement.
Kidney improvement.
Pancreas still broken.
Eyes starting to break.
Lots of laughter.
Lots of love.
Lots of life.

I'm sure there are more but I can barely remember yesterday, let alone the past year.

2011 was definitely an improvement over the past 2 years. The love of my life walked back through my door and I gladly let him in. I am extraordinarily happy and more in love than I ever thought possible. This man has loved me for an eternity and has given up his life for me. I am so humbled and awed by his love that it takes my breath away. If nothing else happened to me this year or if nothing else ever happened to me in any other year, I would be ok. Just as long as this man was by my side.

I dwell in the possibility of 2012.

I reject all negativity for this upcoming year. I reject all adversity. I reject all pessimism.

2012 ....I'm ready to be marveled.


PS - Oh, shit...wait....isn't the world supposed to end in 2012? It better damn well marvel me! haha

December 9, 2011

These Are A Few of My Favorite Things.

It's been 2 years since I've blogged about my favorite things. As 2011 is coming to an end, I think it's time to share the loves of this year. I have already told you that Amanda is my favorite thing ever and that hasn't changed. Amanda is still at the top of my all time fav's she should be.

Here are the latest additions to my favorite things.

1. Abe. My boyf has been the most favorite thing this year. Not only did we reconnect our friendship, we reconnected our love for one another. This man is my best friend, my lover, my partner, my soulmate, my supporter, my protector, my source of happiness, my reason to smile, my strength, my weakness. This man is my everything. Never have I loved someone so deeply, so passionately, so intently or so completely. I would do anything for this man and he would do anything for me. Therefore, Abe is my fav....and I'm keeping him every year.

2. Clear American. Oh. My. Gawd. This. Shit. Is. Awesome. I don't drink soda or Koolaid or any other crap that's not cawfee, Diet Rock Star or water. I'm so thrilled I took a chance & spent .68 cents for a bottle of this water. Now I buy like 20 bottles every time I'm at Walmart. My fav of the favs? Pom BLUE Acai, Fuji Apple and Raspberry Blackberry. Mmmm. *slurp*

3. Peanut Butter & Company. I have always loved peanut butter but this stuff is amazing. Another Walmart treasure that I just happened to take a chance on one day. They have a store in NYC and recipes galore. AND they have squeeze packs! YUM! My fav of this fav is the Dark Chocolate Dreams. Check out the yummy goodness right here: I Love Peanut Butter.

DId I forget to mention YUM!?!

4. New York State. I love New York. I do. New York is where I grew up, had some of my most happiest times and it is where my heart is. Home. I'm not saying I want to live here forever because I don't. It's ridiculously cold and expensive. But, I have to give NY it's due. The Hudson Valley is stunningly beautiful, and many times it simply takes my breath away. I'm constantly amazed at the nature I see and there is always something that makes me smile.

5. Slippers. My animal print slippy's from Target rock my socks. Yep. They do. I have always wanted hard wood floors in my home and now that I have them, I always want slippy's on my feet. My entire family has new slippers (Thanks, mom!) and we wear the hell out of them. Plus, it makes me giggle to hear that slippy noise when any of us walk across the floor. Extra fav bonus for giggles.

6. American Horror Story. This has got to be my fav show on TV. The fact that it's on TV shocks me but I am SO glad it is. No longer do the reality shows grab my attention, nope. Most of them have jumped the Kelly Shark. But, this horror ridden, sexually explicit, mind effed show thrills me to no end. Even though it has gotten a ton of bad reviews, I don't care. I freaking love it.

7. Sunday Fun Day. This is a new addition to our lives since Abe has joined our family. Amanda & I always had impromptu fun, no matter what day it was, because we could. Since things have changes..economically, geographically, etc...we haven't been dedicating days to fun. Now, thanks to Abe, we do. Sunday Fun Day is a day where it's just that. Everything is fun. Like when we used to leave Vegas for Disneyland, the rule was 'No work talk, no negative talk, no bitching, no complaining, no stressing. Only fun lives here.' That rule now applies to Sundays.

8. Keurig. I am a cawfee addict and this overpriced, clever, little coffee machine makes me smile. I love the concept. I love how it looks. I love to hear it heating up. I love the no muss, no fuss. I love the oddities of the K-cups. I love my little K-cup carousel. I love all the little K-cup flavors. I also love that this was a gift. Given enough cawfee, I truly do think I could rule the world.

9. Our house. We rented this truly fabulous house in October and it's wonderful. It truly had everything that was on each of our wish list. A garage. A fireplace. Hard wood floors. Closets. Washer & Dryer. Front porch. Two bathrooms. Each of us got what we wanted plus some. A screened in porch. A deck. A firepit. Woods. A wishing well. A large yard. Red kitchen counters! I was a home owner of a fabulous Vegas house but it pales in comparison to this amazing NY rental. Add to the fact that my family is fabulous and makes this house a home.

10. Woolly Bears. They are so fluffy and cute! I constantly save them from danger, pet them and then set them free. I don't care if they predict bad weather, I think they are fun. Plus, I know a girl who has eyebrows that look exactly like Woolly Bears. So the evil Kelly gets to have a laugh, too.

11. Twisted Foods. This quaint, quirky shop is in a building that was built in the 1800's on Main Street in Rosendale. The proprietor is a smiley, city lady who makes you feel at home with all the delectables she creates. My fav is her chicken salad on a rosemary/garlic pretzel roll. If you are ever in Rosendale, stop in and see why this is on my fav's list. She also has a facebook page; Twisted Foods.

12. Warmth. Being warm is a fav that I never knew existed. I hate being cold. Seriously cannot stand it. Unfortunately for me, NY has the coldest winters I have ever known. I must still be a desert rat because there's not even snow on the ground and I feel like a Bumble. I'm so grateful to Abe for getting wood...ahem....firewood because I feel ok and almost normal when I'm standing next to the fire.

13. Dunkin Donuts. Home of the Boston Kreme donut and yummy hash browns. The coffee club card. The only place open during Hurricane Irene. The box o' cawfee. The introducer of blueberry cawfee. The transformation from West Coast girl to East Coast girl. Bye bye, Bucks. Mmm...Dunkin' Donuts. I have to say, though, I do miss the 'time to make the donuts' guy.

14. The city. Need I say more? A quick train ride and I'm in the middle of everything fabulous. In addition, it's the place my Sin City Core visits and lets me see their beautiful souls, bask in our glorious friendship, feel totally loved and constantly smile &/or laugh.

15. Apple Core. I have been an extremely lucky woman throughout my life because I have had the distinct pleasure of attracting, adding and keeping some of the most fabulously wonderful people to my core. My Apple Core has evolved into something so special and dear to me that I'm not sure I would have survived MANY moments in my recent life without the support, guidance, shoulders, help, humor and love of these amazing friends. Aristotle once said 'Without friends no one would choose to live, though he had all other goods.' Aristotle wasn't my friend but I am glad these fabulous group of people are. Cheers, Apple Core! Mucho love all around!


OMG! I forgot one!!

16. FRED! I was rereading and checking for errors when the 'time to make the donuts' guy reminded me that I forgot Fred Dahling! My adorably, quirky, psycho cat who doesn't realize he's a cat! He showers with me, sleeps with me, head bonks me, watched me get ready in the morning, smells my lotions and gives his approval. He's just fun and sassy. So uncat like in every way..but I love him like crazy. :) He also his own Facebook. =^.^= Fred Dahling =^.^=

He gets 2 pics because I forgot him.