March 1, 2011

Today, I woke up happy.

Before I left Seattle, I went to my lovebug friend, Melissa’s house for dinner. Her beautiful mom was there & she read my tarot cards. It was funny because she asked me to focus on a question I wanted answered. A question. Any question. As a single woman, I wanted to typically ask ‘When will I find love?! Damn it! True, real, deep, forever, soul crashing love?!’ but that was not the question I asked. I know, amazing, right? People automatically assume that is the one thing that is lacking in my life. I, however, don’t see it that way. I have never been one to partake in flights of romantic fantasy nor have I been dependent on a man to make me happy. I am very good at doing that for myself. So, nope. That wasn’t my need-to-know question. My question was…

‘Am I making the right decision moving to NY?’

One of the things that Sheryl told me was that I would be poor…but happy….and I am both.

I am spoiled, I’m not going to lie. Freaking spoiled. I’ve spent years spoiling myself so it’s ok. I spoiled MYSELF! HA! I am a city girl with only a dash of country. So, adapting to upstate NY has been a struggle. I want Starbucks to be closer. I want the public restrooms to have toilet seat covers. I want there to be a plethora of dining choices. I want 2 bathrooms and a walk in closet. I want a bug man to take care of the creepies for me. I want a monthly massage, pedicure & bikini wax. BUT….I can’t have those things……right now….and I’m still happy. Imagine that! I’ve realized that those are the things that made my life a happy luxury and those are the things I took for granted. I’ll have those things again, I have no doubt, but I deserve to go without for a while so I can get back to the things that truly matter AND learn to appreciate the things that didn’t. All the wonderful life things that I have now & all the wonderful life things that I've always had.

For example:

I am in love with my new house. Love, love, love. It is small, fabulous and wonderful. My landlady is a high powered NYC lawyer who is the bee’s knees, too. She doesn’t normally rent but made an exception for me based on my ex’s request. He’s not an ex, though. I mean, he is, but he doesn’t fall into that category. There needs to be a different category for exes that you are still the best of friends with.

Anyway…back to my house. Landlady is an amazing, single, pet loving lawyer! So, don't eff with me..AND it’s a house!! I won’t be able to afford to spend frivolously and buy things like food…haha…but I’ll have an amazing home. Things here are old. My house in Vegas was built in 1994 and THAT was old. Here shit was built in like the 1800’s..that’s ancient! My new house was built in the 80’s, and to me…it’s old. My landlady had the entire bathroom and kitchen redone. She put in new carpeting and windows. She is really making it beautiful for me and I am so excited. I have a yard, woods, a stream, a fantastic view and a new toilet! Haha!

But zero closet space. Ugh. Time to get creative with my shoe collection.

I am in love with my new job. I have learned new skills that, oddly enough, I rock at. The people are wonderful and I feel so fortunate to have landed this job. I have been here 2 months and not once have I woken up cranky because I have to go to work. That in itself is a miracle. I know this job won't be forever but, for now, it's exactly what I needed.

I am in love with my family. What more can I say? Potlucks, dinners, walking into a store & seeing my sister or my Aunt. It’s comforting and I totally feel the love. My support system has tripled and I am so fortunate to be loved like I am.

I am in love with my friends. Some old friendships have changed and that’s ok. Some new friendships have resulted and that’s better than ok. I laugh daily and what is better than that? Nothing.

I am in love with my daughter’s life. She is doing fantastic things and probably the reason for my coming to NY has to do with her life. Her fate. She has lovely friends, she has a great job and she was the only student at her high school chosen to receive a wonderful opportunity. She will go to college for one week this summer for a program that will look stupendous on her college applications. It’s free and she will earn college credit. I am unbelievably proud of her. Unbelievably happy for her.

I am in love with this area. We see new creatures every day. A family of deer live in my yard. A group of turkeys live down the road. A flock of pheasant live just down the road from the turkeys. Is it a flock? A bunch? A gang?? I can't help but wish they were a flock of seagulls though. That'd be funny! There is also a beaver or woodchuck or platypus..haha…some kind of something lives next door. Every day has some beautiful new site to behold. Spring is coming and that brings lilacs, freshness, new life, flowers and sun. Not the melt your face off Vegas sun. The beautiful life sun. People come out of hiding and they are happy. Yes…this is something for New Yorkers. We are born to be uptight. Haha! Thankfully, not only am I a city girl with a dash of country, I’m also an equal mix of East Coast/West Coast..but that’s another blog.

I know bitchy blogs are the funniest & misery loves company but give me a break. This was a long time coming & I had to fight for the happy to win. So suck it! haha!

Here are some other random things that made me smile today:

:) Aerosmith was playing at Quick Check while I was pumping gas. Made me not notice the price.
:) The fact that his beer left a smiley print on a napkin made someone think of me. xo Jason!
:) Having a bird sing me awake this morning instead of the alarm clock.
:) Adam's Fairacre Farms Lawn & Garden Show is soon!! Flowers!
:) The sun is shining.
:) I have the winning lotto tickets in my purse.
:) My stomach is sore from sit ups. Makes me feel accomplished. haha!
:) The fact that I can plant things in the ground now instead of in a pot.
:) The blueberry bush & lilac I am going to plant in the ground instead of a pot.
:) This song that I've heard 2x today..on my ipod & on my favorite station WDST.

Today, I woke up happy.

And I will not take that for granted.


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  1. Kelly. I am so proud of you! I'm happy you are happy because I miss your smile. It always lit up your face and your laugh made me laugh.
    I one day WISH to be a fraction of what you are. To be so strong, confident, good with your words...and all wrapped up with a bag of chips!