March 14, 2011

Leave Your Past Behind You.

Is your past really ever in your past?

This is the question that has been tickling my brain for a couple of weeks now. I even put said question as my Facebook status to see what sort of reaction I got.

Here are some of the comments:

Tina: Nope. Your past will always have a little piece of you. ALWAYS.
Michelle: It never is, the past has helped shape us into the person we are today. You may not see the same faces (of the friends and foes), but they will always be a small part of us.
Chris: I say absolutely not! As much as we'd like sometimes, its always there...but then without, we would not be who we are...and there is always something great to celebrate there! Just need to look closely and without judgment.

Interesting responses and I wholeheartedly agree. I'm pretty sure everyone does. The past is most definitely what makes us who we are on this day, in this moment. It has shaped our beliefs, our behaviors, our patterns & our selves into the fabulous beings that we are. Undoubtedly.

I think moving back to a small town, where everyone knows everyone...& thinks they know everything...has brought my past directly into my future. At times, this is lovely. At other times, a freaking nightmare!!

Some past relationships need to stay in the past because they weren't successful for a very good reason. These are the ones that need to be released. These are the ones that never had nor will have a chance of succeeding. These are the ones that prevent us from moving forward into healthy relationships. These are the ones that haunt us.

The 'failures'.

Let's be honest. We all hate to be lumped into the 'fail' category but it happens. Failed relationships. Failed friendships. Failed job choices. Failed outfit options.

A moment of silence for poor Menudo, please......ok.

So..what if the Universe, in her awe inspiring wisdom, throws a past relationship into your future for a very good reason? The one you weren't ready for then but may be ready for now. The one that had a chance of succeeding. The one that needs to be resurrected. The one that has hope.

The 'possibilities'.

Possibilities are a much happier category. They are more like the newly introduced fav in my life, the Pom Martini. With the perfect amount of vodka. The snap of salt on the rim. The giggly, happy tips. No hangover. Possibilities...& hopefully Pom Martini's...are endless.

I mean, if you are going to consider one option, you must consider both, right? Right. And...if you are one who believes in destiny or fate....what if you stumbled? Tripped...stepped back instead of stepped forward, would you lose your chance? After all, we all make mistakes. Would that be fair in the grand scheme of things? Or would the fates decide to let you suffer a bit before throwing that past into your present or future? Just so you realized, understood the chance you were being given & corrected the err in judgment? I's mind blowing if you really commit to thinking about it.

Life is funny that way. Thankfully. Otherwise I'd be super bored.

For those of you who choose to delve deeper into the past about this little slice? "For everything you have missed, you have gained something else, and for everything you gain, you lose something else.” ~Ralph Waldo Emerson.

Thanks, Ralph. (No relation to Pom Martini, I'm sure.)

Now let's pull up the past anchor, hoist the main & sail on. There are clear skies ahead.

Freaking spring!!! Who doesn't love spring? Is there anyone? Really? Anyone? I mean, speaking of possibilities, spring is full of them. I am SO over this thing New Yorkers call winter. I call it suck and rightly so. All I know is that NY isn't ranking high on my gypsy list. The lilacs better be kick ass. I mean, even the grass & green woods aren't going to be kick ass because of the stupid ticks & bugs. It's like NY effs you every which way it can.

I wonder where I belong. I like the woods, and greenery. I like spring, summer & autumn. I like being warm. I took a quiz on Find Your Spot . There were many choices I would never Arkansas. I've been through Arkansas & it's like the worst state ever. Blah. But, Chattanooga, TN was on the list. That'd be fun because I could be the annoying local that sang that song all the time. Georgia was on there. That'd be fun cause I wanna be a peach. VA was there & that's cool because VA is for lovers. OR was there, too, but that may be a little too far from home. I don't want to totally be away from the fam like I was in Vegas.

Ahem...pardon me, boy....

Hopefully, I will know before my 2 year NY plan expires. The truth is, I'm not sure where my life road will take me. I kinda like it that way. It's like a little surprise. Huh...maybe I am a gypsy. No....I'm definitely too white to be a gypsy. Maybe I'm a wanderer. I'm pretty sure, though, that wanderer's would never have a BFF that had Dolly hair or a boyf with an Elvis lip...but...I've been known to be wrong before.

And, please don't forget, all that wander are not lost.

You know what I wish? That there was a special little message that callers/texters would get when you change your number. I've recently changed my number for justifiable reasons. Ahem...stalkers/creepers/liars/asstards/the annoying & insecure. Oh, & bill collectors.

Now the caller gets some random 'That person is unavailable' message & the texter gets nothing. They just think they are being ignored. How about, instead, they both get something like this: 'The person you're trying to reach has changed their number. Obviously you're one of the douches who didn't get the new number. Have a nice day.'

That'd be awesome....and effective, methinks.

Wow...tipsy rambling is fun....or maybe just I think so. haha!


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