January 1, 2011

Hello, 2011.

This year I have decided not to make any New Year Resolutions. I know this sort of breaks the ‘typical’ rule of engaging in new beginnings but I’m a wild cat like that. I thought that I would save my self some disappointment & guilt. I think I get enough of that without setting unrealistic goals and unachievable dreams. So, this year, I didn’t resolute.

This year I also didn’t make the traditional family black-eyed peas with a lucky coin in them. My Ma used to make this delight *cough cough* every New Years Day…like clockwork. It was one of those things you knew you could count on. Like…knowing the jelly from a jelly donut will shoot out at some point or like knowing the roof of your mouth will be sore after monging a bowl of Captain Crunch. Ma would make, serve & tell you it was bad luck if you didn’t eat some. Black-eyed peas taste like ass. But, I would suffer through in hopes that luck would find me. The coin was an extra dash of luck. Whomever was lucky enough to procure the coin in their bowl of peas would be extra lucky…wooohoooo! So, I thumbed my nose at tradition twice. Yes…I did.

We’ll see what being a New Year rebel will bring. It most certainly will not compare to the nightmare of 2010. I’m also not going to woe is blog about the crap year I’ve had. Anyone who knows me knows it had been one of the worst. 2010 kissed ass. 2011 will kick it. I’m determined to make it so.

2010 had some pretty fabu high points though. I was a bridesmaid, my house sold quickly, I got out of Vegas, I adventured in Seattle, I wandered across the US and I spent the holidays with my family. Pretty amazing stuff. While it didn’t quite add up to the amount of bullshit that happened, it certainly helped ward off the suicidal tendencies.


I’m too arrogant to be suicidal.

I did learn that I am a wonder. I totally surprised myself. I am braver than I thought. Smarter than I thought. I love stronger than I knew. I tolerate more than I expected. I can carry a pretty heavy load on my shoulders & continue walking. I can smile through my tears. I have hope that doesn’t falter. I don’t give up.

For that, I thank 2010. I almost forgive you for making me lose myself but not quite. You still are a whore. So there.

42 was meant to be my year! Remember?! The answer to everything! Fabu 42! MY YEAR!! Well, I still have time….& 2011 to make it so. I’m ready….SO ready! Onwards & upwards universe. Let’s do this thing!


Here I go again, skipping chapters, you know what would be a really awesome job? Picking out the music for movies. I would love that job. I’d also love to be the person who named Crayon colors. That’d be super fun, too. I need something super fun…and super creative. Guess I’ll have to wait until I hit that Mega Millions jackpot. It’s gonna happen. I have no doubt. It’s gonna happen soon, too. Yessireebob.

OH!! Wait…another chapter!! You know what drives me IN-EFFING-SANE!! People who don’t take responsibility or are accountable for their actions. My BFF, Bill, who is no longer my BFF but whatevs. He once said to me that I was put on this Earth to let everyone know what an asshole they are. I think he’s right. I was. Now, I know when I’m being an asshole. I know when I’m being a bitch. I know when I make a mistake or when I’m wrong. If I don’t, I certainly listen to the person explain my faults and I do one of three things. Agree & understand. Try to fix said fault. Disagree & leave it be. What drives me nuts is those who do not see/admit/acknowledge the error of their ways. Really? Is this stupidity, blindness or immaturity? Or a combination of those things and more. I don’t know. Anyway…this is another chapter for another blog. Stay tuned.

So, I’m back. I’m dusting off the old Kelly for the New Year. Granted she’s slightly bruised and beaten but she’s also a little more spectacular. Sorry for the extended hiatus but I got a little lost…..and that’s all I have to say about that.

Hope you had a wondrous New Year. Hope 2011 is the bee’s knees for us all. I hope this year lacks disappointments and exceeds in joyous laughter. Most of all just be happy. That’s the most important thing, I think. The most precious.



  1. I was just thinking about you last night and wondering how you were doing since I haven't seen a post in a while. So happy to see one today! And yes, 42 will ROCK!! (Our wedding day is 42 in binary <3)

    Welcome back, darlin'... 2011 will be so much better than 2010!

  2. Ooooh blog to blog you baby! I'm so glad you're back. (elisa) cuz I'm too lazy to effn log in