October 6, 2010

Hands of Fate.

How many times does fate need to throw you the signs before you pay attention? How many times before fate gives up and basically says 'Meh, you're fucked now.'

It sounds like I'm talking in riddles and I could be because no one is really sure how fate plays her hand.

I pay attention to signs. Sometimes I get them wrong, sometimes I miss them but I am not one to tempt fate so I do try to pay attention. I also have quirky thoughts about fate. Such as, I think fate plays by the '3 strikes, you're out!' rule. I think if you miss or ignore the signs she sends you, she stops after three. I also think fate is a woman...or 3 women according to Greek mythology. A man wouldn't mess with you so much. They don't have the mental capacity. Bahaha! Kidding for the 2 men that actually read this! It's a joke! JOKE.

Oh, you need an example? Ok..an example...a story...ummm...let's say you meet the love of your life when you're 18. Life being life, unexpected curveballs are thrown into the game and college has you both going your separate ways. You break up due to circumstances, not because you no longer love each other. Again, life being life, it continues on before you realize how much time has passed. You find yourself married with kids doing the daily grind when you run into your love.

He, too, has been following life's lead, married, children, corporate job, daily grind. You both quickly realize that the love hasn't changed. The passion, desire, want, need and love are the same. Palpable. Strong. While chatting, you talk about jobs and realize that he had seen you before you dated but never put it together. During high school you worked summers at a local store and he would come in just to see you. You never knew...until that moment...that fate has been playing her hand since you were teens. You just didn't know how to play the cards dealt.

So, here's the conundrum. Do you remain in a marriage that leaves a lot to be desired, do you honor that commitment and forsake your fate. Or do you grab on with both hands and live the better, happier life you were meant to live. Tough one, ey? The thing is, most people don't know that the life they are living could have a happier story had they taken a different road. The opposite also holds true. The other road could have been a dead end and you made the right life choice. But, do you ever contemplate the 'what if's'?

Ok, 'what if's' is totes a different story so back to the example story. It's like...a bus makes a special stop at your house to pick you up. Each time the bus pulls up, you don't get on. The bus stops for a third time, you don't get on and the bus driver says 'Meh, you're fucked now. I'm not stopping again.' Yea...see how I tied that in? haha!

I think that's how fate works. So, not getting on the bus may be the safe move but you could be missing out on something wonderful. Especially if fate keeps throwing the situation in your face.

Sorry. Had to. Bahaha!

I don't want to miss out. I choose to live life to the fullest effect. I want to love fully, hurt fully, laugh fully and cry fully. I want to experience every shift, turn, change, bump, rise, start and finish of this roller coaster ride. I want loops, too!

Now, don't get me wrong, I don't throw my cards to the wind and let fate decide where they land. Freedom of choice. I choose what I play but I allow fate to show me the hand. We work together, fate & I, and I give her the upmost repsect. Even when I don't agree with her. After all, I am the responsible one.

So, we shall see what hand fate will deal me now that she has brought me to New York. It may be a rough ride but I'm totes excited for where I'll end up.