August 29, 2010

Pancake Face.

RAWR!!!!! Now that I've got that out, I can write. I have not rawr'd since I got here because my friend, Matt, told me not to. Sorry, Matt, it had to be done. :)

Oh, Seattle, why do you torture me so?!

I have been unemployed for 5 months. Almost 3 of those months have been spent in Seattle. I love Seattle, I do. I thought Seattle was my destiny, I did. Now...I'm doubtful, I am. Maybe Seattle wasn't my destiny. Maybe I wasn't paying attention to the signs. Maybe I was merely paying attention only to what I had my mind set on. I don't know. I wish I did know. I wish I had the answers. The only thing I do know is that if Seattle IS my destiny, she had better make herself known STAT. Otherwise, I may be moving home.

What I also know is that I was meant to get out of Vegas. Of that, I have no doubt. I hated Vegas from the moment I arrived. Seattle is worlds above Las Vegas. (No offense to all you Sin City lovers.)

Here is a perfect example of Seattle vs Las Vegas.

This is the M*A*C store in the Westfield Mall, Seattle. One person was in this store. One. The M*A*C store at Town Square in Vegas is wall to wall pancake faced women. Crazy, huh? Now, I know a lot of women in Vegas and only a couple of them were pancake faced. But Vegas is a planet of it's own. A planet I didn't belong on. I'm au naturale when it comes to makeup. While I do enjoy buying M*A*C makeup, I also enjoy having my face and neck be the same color. Ahem.

Another big difference is that in Vegas I wanted a big car. I felt safe in a big car. I chose SUV's. I refused to have anything less. In Seattle, I want a small car. I would feel safe in a small car. A Beetle, a Smart Car, anything little. The roads here are so tiny & European. I am scared to even drive my CRV. CRV's are the tiny version of an SUV. The soccer mom car. Can you imagine if I had a big Chevy truck or Surburban? Worse yet...a Hummer? Oy. Not only wouldn't I fit driving down the road, I'd be ostracized driving an environment destroying Hummer.

Not to mention that I have received three tickets since living here. Three!! I haven't had three tickets in my entire life of driving. Until I moved to Seattle, that is. Double Oy.

Life is definitely different here. Living in the desert for 18 years has caused me to forget about living in the humid continental climate for 23 years. Here are a few of those forgotten things:

BUGS!! Where there is water, there are bugs. More importantly, spiders. GASP!!
Greasy hair. I have thin, baby fine hair. I can wash my hair in t he morning and have greasy hair by the evening thanks to all the moisture in the air. Ahhh.
Pimples. Not only does said moisture cause my hair to be greasy, it causes my face to be greasy. What comes with a greasy face? Acne! Oh, joy.


On the flip side:

Flowers! Fresh, natural, beautiful, wonderful flowers blooming everywhere. This almost makes the bugs acceptable. Almost.
Soft skin. There's no need to submerge myself in lotion here. I'm as soft as a baby's behind. And what does soft skin bring...
Less wrinkles. Perhaps my body sucking up all this moisture will prevent me from looking like this in a few years.

Wherever I may end up, it certainly won't be back in Vegas. I will take spiders over scorpions any day. That alone should be proof of how much I dislike the desert.

Welp, now I'm off to engage in mental warfare with myself. Seattle vs Kingston. Should I stay or should I go?

Amanda made an interesting point the other day. We were talking about what we would do if I didn't get a job by October. Would we try and stay in Seattle or would we move back to my hometown in NY. Miss Bright Light says...'Mom, it's so funny. You left NY because you needed help. Now we may be moving back because you need help.'

Yes, lovebug. Life certainly does seem to bring us full circle. Good thing I didn't leave NY because I hated it.


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