July 5, 2010

New Yorker-Las Vegan-Seattleite.

This morning, as I'm sitting at my kitchen table, sipping cawfee & watching the neighbors cheerful dawg bounce around the lawn, I sigh. And, in that moment, I realized that I am absolutely and irrevocably happy.

I mean, things could be better, in terms of necessities. For example, I could get hired to one of the 60+ jobs I've applied to and have fabu benefits. But, who has a perfect life? haha!

I'm a New Yorker. Always have been, always will be. Moving to Las Vegas was equally the worst and the best thing I could have ever done. Worst because for 18 long years, I have loathed Vegas. Seriously. Loathe. That's a long time to hate something and stick with it. Best because I had great jobs, great friends, purchased a home and gave birth to the most amazing person I've ever known. Had I stayed in New York, those things may not have happened. I cannot and never will wish I hadn't gone to Vegas. There are times when I start entertaining the thought that I should have stayed in NY and lived the life I envision in my head, but then I stop. My life is not about regret.

I have been a Seattleite for 3 weeks. That's it. 3 weeks. While it has only been a short time, I can say, honestly and wholeheartedly, that I will never regret the decision to move here.

Why I Love Seattle

*It's green. Obviously. It's so beautiful that it takes my breathe away.
*People don't care what you drive, how much you make, what you do, how big your house is or who you know. All they care about is who you are.
*It's a city with a small town feel.
*Festivals, festivals everywhere! Almost every weekend there is something fabulous to do in one of the neighborhoods.

Ballard's Seafood Festival. This weekend, as a matter of fact. Yum!

*If there isn't a festival, there is the ocean, the forest, the farmers markets, the lakes, the hiking, the mountains, the shopping, the beach, the coffee, there is always something to do. Always.
*The Center of the Universe. Fremont. It's my PNW Woodstock with a troll!

Yet another quirky delight!

*People are pet lovers. I have met more dawgs than I have people.
*People walk everywhere. Or they ride their bikes. I love that I can walk 6 blocks to Market Street, buy a book, grab a cawfee & a cupcake and just be.
*Drawbridges & ferry's.
*Arts & culture. Theaters, outdoor plays, Bumbershoot, museums, an aquarium AND a zoo!

We see these murals everywhere. They are like a happy surprise. Much better than seeing graffiti. This one is in Ballard.

*Mariners or Seahawks.
*Unique stores & their fun names.
*Environmentally conscious. Want to get the Seattle stink eye? Don't recycle or show up in a Hummer.
*People are truly intelligent. They don't pretend to be & they don't use it as a weapon to make you feel inferior.

*The houses are delightful.
*Flowers! I can walk outside my door & pick fresh daisies.
*Healthcare & schooling. Among the top in the nation.

In 3 weeks, I've noticed quite a lot but not everything. I honestly cannot wait to see what else the PNW has in store for me. Even if it's nothing, Washington is everything I had hoped it to be. Before moving here, I asked everyone I knew who had lived in or visited Seattle, what their opinion of it was. No one had anything negative to say. Being the cynical creature I am, I didn't believe them.

Now....I do.



  1. Welcome to the most beautiful place in the country!! I've lived here my whole life and I can say with 100% certainty that when I move to Germany in Feb... I will miss Seattle and everything that Washington is. I'm so glad to hear you're enjoying our wonderful city!!!!!


  2. I have wanted to live in or near Seattle my whole life. I probably will never make it up there. My kids' dad lives here and we share custody and he would never ok me to move away with my kids. But I do hope to visit one day.