May 25, 2010

Under Pressure.

Pressure pushing down on me...

What a rough week this has been. This week consisted of my father coming to town, giving my cats away, a 'Crap Sale', my grandfather having a stroke, my mother leaving town, a 'Spring Fling' and getting screwed. Figuratively not literally...more's the pity.

Seriously. I am mentally, physically and emotionally exhausted.

Pressure on people - people on streets....

Welcome to Part 2 of ‘K & A’s Big Adventure’ Photo Blog.


The amount of people that came to shop shocked me. The amount of money these people wanted to spend shocked me more. Cheap bastards.

I'm not a good Crap Sale person. I almost feel violated even though I did drag all that crap out there for pilfering. Yes...I had thieves. Psh! Really? You're going to steal a $1 Hollister shirt? Really?

Amanda's past for .25¢ each. Wow....that hurt.

Elisa stopped by to sell her crap and thank gawd. She was my sanity and caffeine injector. Thanks, E!

Thanks to my dad, too, for helping me drag all that crap out of my garage, for building display shelves & for making up the difference. It was a day that totally pushed me over the edge. I can't even begin to explain because this would be a long ass blog of bitching and complaining.

But, let me bullet point:

*18 years of my life tossed into cars for pennies on the dollar.
*A shitload of my crap being hauled away for $40 as opposed to $100. (So much for gas money.)
*Shit being taken and not getting any money for it.
*Selling thousands of dollars worth of crap and walking away with only $300. (I should be grateful but that's not even enough to get me to Seattle.)
*Fighting with my dad over a hammock & a guy in a blue shirt.
*Mom crying over her father having a stroke. She cries all the time now.
*My sugar dropping & me drowning in cigarette smoke. (Fucking quit already!!!)
*My moving boxes being taken or sold.
*Getting attacked by a feral cat...then having to watch Finn leave.....

These are the days it never rains but it pours.....

I was crying when I had to let Finn go. I didn't cry over Bella. My mother & I probably have rabies after she went feral and bit the crap out of us. I am ok but mom had to go to the ER. Stupid Bella. No, I won't miss her at all. I never liked her. But...I already miss Finn...a lot. :(

At 1pm, I was done with the Crap Sale. Just OVER it. So I drug what was left over to where the garbage pick up is. I made a sign that said 'Free' and that was that. Yep...I was even giving my dad away. Haha!

Along came a woman and a little girl. They were trying to find cheap stuff for the girl's mom because she just moved here and didn't have anything. It sounded all too town, no job, no home and a daughter. Of course, I shoved everything into her car.

Then I asked the girl if she wanted my 'I ❤ NY' tee. A huge smile took over her face & she shook her head yes! This small moment, that could have gone unnoticed, made my day. At one of my lowest points, I helped someone in need and caused joy. It felt incredible. I hope that if I am ever in need of help and joy, someone will offer it to me. I also hope that karma was watching. ;)

The 'Spring Fling' should have been named the 'Winter Fling'. It was fuh-reezing! I am so grateful and lucky to have such fabu friends. They braved the cold, wind & rain to eat burgers, chips & cupcakes with me. It took me a very long time to find my Vegas Core and now that I have, I have no intention of letting them go. No matter how far I wander.

Watching some good friends screaming 'Let me out!!'...

Tami was cold and hungry. She's not even homeless!!

Andeen's family even stopped on the way to buy sweatshirts! Now that's lurve.

My friends who brought their little kids. Awwww...I know those poor tots were frozen.

Amanda's friends. A typical teenage lot...but better.

A lady warmth huddle. It was definitely time to leave.

When the rain started to threaten, we moved the party over to Shesh's house and continued the fun. Thanks, Shesh, for allowing us to crash your house. Thanks to poor Flo, too, who was upstairs with the stomach flu, having to endure laughing and Rock Band. Lurve.

Insanity laughs under pressure we're cracking....

Even with all the stress, tears, yelling, hard work, cold and wind, I'm kinda sad the week has ended. That's one less week I have in Vegas. I think I am at the juncture where fear has turned into sadness. Sadness at all this beauty I am leaving behind. And I'm not talking landscape!

So, here I sit....cats gone, mom gone, dad gone, no task on hand....and there is only quiet.

This is our last dance, this is ourselves.....under pressure.


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