April 14, 2010

What's All The Hullabaloo?

Amanda thinks she belongs in the 1920’s. I’m not sure if it’s because of the fashion, the music or that the role women played began changing. Perhaps it’s because of the Prohibition. Maybe she dumps Mommy’s giggle water down the sink when I’m not looking. Who knows?

The other day she was telling me about the slang used in the 20’s. Her choice example was ‘Struggle Buggy’. Hmm…ok….I had to ask what it meant. Contrary to popular belief, I wasn’t around in the 20’s. She told me that it’s the back seat of a car. Ahem. Wonderful. I’m so glad that my 1920’s child chose that lost word to incorporate back into conversation. I mean, she couldn’t have picked ‘Moxie’? Or the ‘Cat’s Meow’? ‘Swanky’ even? Aye yi yi.

Well, of course, I started thinking about lost words and phrases. Because, let’s be honest, isn’t it much cooler to say struggle buggy than back seat? Yea, you know it is. There are some really cool yet obscure words that are now obsolete. Like…betwixt. How can you not smile saying betwixt? Another is methinks. I use this one a lot, again, because it makes me smile. Haberdashery is fun. Nary, whilst, hooligans and comeuppance are all fun ones that I use on occasion. I wonder what makes a word go extinct, especially fun ones. I should find a list and reintroduce a select few back into society. That's it. That’s my new goal starting today.

This week the word is: Hullabaloo. It’s a noun meaning uproar, disturbance, loud and clamorous noise. Check Jane at 2:07.

There will be tons of hullabaloo in my life over the next few weeks. This weekend is my last chance to finish up wedding and prom shopping. Next weekend is the wedding, the weekend after is Disneyland and the weekend after that is prom. Yawn. I’m already exhausted.

Yes, yes, we are going to Disneyland again. I can hear the collective groan now. ‘You guys are ALWAYS at Disney!’ Hey, that’s what you do when you have an Annual Pass and live 4 hours away. Disney is our break. Our mini vacay. Our escape from Vegas. We have specific rules. Once we hit state line, there is no complaining, no talking about work, no negativity, no bitching, nothing bad…only happy. I wish this rule could apply to every day life but I just can’t seem to make it work. So, we step outside of our lives of work, school and every day drama. It’s feels wonderful and it’s probably the most fun I’ve ever had.

That’s why it’s sad that this may be our last trip. Our Annual Passes expire on May 22nd. I won’t be renewing them again this year simply because I am holding true to my plan (Seattle). Once my plan (Seattle) goes into effect, I won’t be able to drive 4 hours to Disney. When my plan (Seattle) comes to fruition, I’ll have a plethora of adventures at my fingertips. The moment my plan (Seattle) becomes a reality, I will be happy and won’t have to seek it out constantly. It would be a waste of money for me to buy 2 Annual Passes and only be able to use them once before my plan (Seattle) takes off.

See what I’m doing here? teehee

I’m letting Amanda bring her friend, Breanna, for this final trip. That should make it super fun for her. She’s stressed, too, and I know this. Poor kid busts her arse for school and she works at Retro every Saturday. So, do the math. She really only has Sunday to relax and she never does. She’s too busy doing homework. I have to say, that is one part of being a kid that I do not miss. Psh.



  1. kelly -
    This post is "the bees knees!"
    kelly k

  2. I fully endorse using 'hullabaloo'. For some reason I actually use that word quite frequently.

    Happy to see I was using it in the right context.