March 17, 2010

Proms, RSVP’s & Handsome Men

This has been one helluva week. My daughter was asked to the Prom while she was at work on Saturday. Her little boyfriend made a 'Will you go to the prom with me?' sign & brought her flowers. It was very cute….and very disturbing. There comes a point in a parent’s life when they scream ‘Bloody fecking hell!!!!’ at the top of their lungs. This was my time.

A time of scary teenage flashbacks and random statistics.

I won't even get into the scary flashbacks. Let's just say, lack of parenting and zero boundaries resulted in a wild blonde maniac. Moving on to statistics.

*46% of girls and 67% of boys say they will most likely have sex on prom night. Ugh.
*63% will drink and 22% will get ‘smashed’. Great.
*50% of all accidents on prom night are due to drunk driving. Wonderful.
*90% of all crime related incidents are due to drug and alcohol consumption. Oy.
*98% of all teens make bad choices. Haha! I made that one up.

Amanda is a Sophomore, her boyfriend is a Junior. Amanda is not allowed to date. Amanda has a curfew. One hour above her grade which means her curfew is 11pm. I don’t care what ‘the other kids’ are doing. I don’t care how they are being parented. Most parents give more of a crap about themselves then they do about raising their children well. I am not one of those parents.

After some serious deliberation, verbal warfare with myself, internal hellfire & a family meeting, I decided to let her go….with ground rules. I extended her curfew by an hour. I want the names & numbers of the entire group. I want the agenda. I will wait up for her. She knows the guidelines. She knows her boundaries. She also knows what to do when faced with any challenges regarding sex, drugs, alcohol and driving. I have always said I am the parent who won’t get mad if she needs a ride home from a party. I would rather her be alive than scared that I would yell at her.

Sound strict? I am. I am raising a teenage daughter that is responsible, full of self esteem and self respect while overflowing with goals, hopes and dreams. She has limits that she, herself, has set. Amanda is a fantastic kid and she is not a sheep. Of these things, I am so very proud. I know, 110%, that I am not raising a little shit. Anyway. Every mom has to learn to cut the umbilical cord and allow their children to live a life separate from their own. she goes. Wish her luck.

Has ‘Répondez s'il vous plaît’ become a lost art? RSVP for you non-French speaking readers. Has etiquette taken a back seat to inconsideration? Are good manners no longer being taught or practiced? Has friendly and respectful behavior been forgotten? I would like to think not but I am unsure.

RSVP is the basic form of manners. All that is necessary, when you receive an invitation that requires a RSVP, is to respond. Typically via a stamped enclosed card already addressed, an email or a phone call. Websites like Evite that electronically send out invitations simply need a click. It’s not rocket science. It’s not difficult. You won’t break a sweat. Minimal effort is required. So…why do so many people ignore this simple act of respect?

People ask for RSVP’s not to be annoying and pushy. They simply need to know how many people they will have to provide for. Perhaps they would like to know the correct amount of food, drink, &/or supplies to purchase and provide. Or maybe even there is a per person charge depending on the event. Whatever the case may be, you have been honored in being invited. You have been notified that your presence would be wonderful. Show your respect and appreciation by responding.

I’m not sure if people are too lazy, too busy, or too careless. Maybe they are sitting there expecting something better to come along. Or maybe they feel like if they say yes, they can’t change their mind. Who knows? Who cares? The reasoning behind the lack of etiquette doesn’t matter.

Another faux pas is to RSVP and not show. In this case, a phone call would be nice to let your host know that you can’t make it. Leaving your host expecting you is as rude as not responding at all. Things happen and situations occur. The host would surely understand and appreciate you for being so considerate.

I sound like I’m lecturing and I probably am. Or, perhaps, I am just trying to teach you what your momma never did. Manners. Hmph. RSVPing is appreciated….at least by me. I believe that some traditions still apply, especially RSVP and the Thank You note. Make note of that.

Now…watch this video and understand why I love Jimmy Kimmel.


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  1. OMGawd! She is growing up! Stop her now! Ha ha! :-) You are a fantastic Mom. Seriously. We all needs rules and then room to learn. She will do great. You taught her well. ((hugs))

    People are rude. Why? Their momma didn't teach 'em right. Or they did and they did not listen to their momma. Oy vey.

    LOVED that skit! It was FANtastic!