February 23, 2010

Funyuns Aren't Fun..Or Are They?

Why is it that when I’m talking to a hawt guy, I immediately turn into a 13 year old boy? I make innuendos, think anything relatively sexual is funny and become a total perv. Oh, gawd. No wonder I’m single.

Who really eats Funyuns? I asked Elisa if she has ever eaten them. She said yes & it wasn’t fun. She obviously didn't do this with them.

How is it possible that my 15 year old daughter fits into a dress I wore to my friends wedding 5 years ago? I can’t fit my thigh into that damn dress! Where in gawds name did all of my fatness come from? Certainly not from Funyuns...that's for sure.

Speaking of being a fatty....does anyone else get tired of eating? I feel like I eat the same things day after day after day after day. I am bored senseless. As a diabetic, I was taught to eat 3 meals a day and 3 snacks. That's a lot of eating..yawn. Chewing is exhausting at times.

Has anyone seen the movie ‘Sliding Doors’? I often think about this movie and the what if’s. What if I had taken the other path? What if I didn’t leave NY? I hate what ifs. Good movie though. I recommend it if you, too, have ever thought 'What if'.

Who came up with the idea that a bird pooping on you is good luck? The other day I thought a bird pooped in Elisa’s hair. It was only shampoo but I think it would have been way funnier had it been poop. And luckier..as it were.

How can you not love the internet? I love when I’m telling a story that sounds questionable and then I find proof on the internet. I was telling Elisa that I lived down the road from Willem Dafoes Rubber House. As I’m telling her, I realized how absolutely ridiculous it sounded. Unbelieveable, really. Until I visited Google and there it was…in all it’s neoprene glory. I didn’t realize that everyone called it the rubber house. Hey, give me a break! I was in 9th grade at the time. I thought I was the only clever person on the planet.

Guess what folks!! Just because I'm not random enough today.....it’s now time for the Friendship Blog Love!

Dear M,

Köszönöm for putting the hat on and letting me take a picture. That was the first time we met and it was one of the most memorable beginnings I’ve ever had. Köszönöm for throwing me my very first birthday party ever. Köszönöm for sharing while wearing a sombrero. Köszönöm for letting me talk to BK when you were pregnant. I loved that you loved me enough to allow that. Köszönöm for confiding in me and letting me confide in you. Whether by the blueberry bush or on the sinking couch, we pinky swear & know it’s safe. Köszönöm for the Spice Girls. Köszönöm for the mantra and always telling me I’m a good mom. That’s the one thing I need to hear more than anything else & you always say it. Köszönöm for letting me talk smack & knowing there's still love there. Köszönöm for letting me cry without thinking I’m weak. Köszönöm for Disneyland & bringing the Cinderella Costco Cold Cuts to the pre-party potluck. Haha! Köszönöm for letting me meet your mom. She’s wonderful. Just like you. Köszönöm for our fights & our makeups. We are so funny and dramatic sometimes but that’s what makes our friendship stronger. Köszönöm for being there for Amanda & sitting through her school functions! Köszönöm for being you, exactly as you are. Lastly, köszönöm for being my heart friend. Lurve lurve.


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