January 13, 2010

Green Apples & Damn.

I like green apples. Granny Smith apples to be more exact. I know this doesn’t seem like ground breaking news to you….but it is to me. I hate apples. I always have. I hate the flavor, the skin, the crunch, the texture, the fact that they get worms. For 41 years I haven’t liked apples. I do like applesauce, and apple pie, and apple Jolly Ranchers, though. Which is weird.

It all started with Disneyland. I bought Amanda a Mickey apple. This thing looked freaking fantastic. I was so jealous because I knew I wouldn’t like it but I really wanted it….badly. They also had Minnie apples. Oh my goodness. When Amanda bust this thing out, I just had to taste it. I put my apple disgust away and took a bite. My mouth sprang to life in total amazement. This apple was the best thing I had tasted in a while and I wanted more. Each time we went to Disneyland after that, we bought apples, and we go to Disney A LOT. Annual pass holders. Ahem. These apples are like $10 but I don’t care. They are totally worth it.

They even have Christmas themed apples. Aww.

So, I chalked my apple love up to the mounds of caramel, sugar & marshmallows that surrounded it. But, I took a chance and tested my like further…kinda like what I do in relationships. Haha! Not really. Really. Not. Ok, so I went to Albertsons and bought a few Granny Smiths. I did still need to put peanut butter on it. Don't get crazy. I am not to the point where I can just nosh on the thing and be joyous. I’m also not at the point where I will buy a red apple. I’m in a relationship that needs help, so to speak. But, it is wonderful to know that my taste buds still have the ability to change. However, this does not mean I will ordering cauliflower any time soon. Gag.

But..an apple a day just might happen.

Wow, that was a lot of talk about apples. Sorry. I HAVE been pondering more than just apples. I have been trying to make a decision and maybe you can help. What would you choose?

Same old comfy same old...OR…new unknown possibilities.

I have never liked living in Vegas. This isn’t a news flash to anyone who knows me. I didn’t want to come here and I can’t wait to leave. My conundrum is choosing where to go.

Do I return home? New York. To my friends, my family, the known, the safe. It’s not necessarily the place I want to be but the people there are worth everything to me. New York is expensive, it’s cold, it’s taxed out the wazoo, and it’s difficult to find a good paying job. Oh, wait, it’s difficult to find a good paying job anywhere these days. Psh.

There are definitely many reasons why I left NY but there are many good reasons why I would return.

Or, do I go someplace new? Washington. Wander to the new, exciting and adventurous. I don’t know what is there for me and that’s thrilling. I do know it is green, sigh, green. There are trees, lakes, forests, oceans, nature! Lots of nature! The people seem creative, intelligent and environmentally friendly. Plus, Amanda wants to go to WWU. The down side is that I wouldn’t have any more friends & family there than I do here.

But, I am good at making friends. I do have a couple of girls that live in Seattle and my cousin, Bette, lives in Bremerton. So, I wouldn’t be desolate. Haha! I am very tempted by the possibilities.

This decision of mine will need to be made anytime between next month and 2012. haha! If I lose my job before Amanda graduates, then I will have to leave. Especially since Vegas has the highest rate of unemployment and job hunting is something akin to animals fighting in the wild. This is why this particular thought has been taking up mind space.

Sigh. It's just overwhelming my thoughts and I can't make a decision. Sigh again. Whatever may be, of one thing I am sure, my life will turn out exactly as it’s meant to be. However, I would like some of your opinions, por favor? :D



  1. Green apples are bold and crisp in flavor so therein lies your answer.


    And if you decide to move to the PNW you should totally move to Portland. Even though it has a 12% unemployment rate. Ahem... I guess Washington's okay...

    :) If you move to NY tell me!!