January 8, 2010


I still get secretly thrilled when I hole shot people. I do. What makes my Cheshire cat smile even wider is that I have a 4 cylinder soccer mom car. It just goes to show that it's all about the drivers skill not the car.

Hey, does anyone else think a traffic light looks like a Christmas tree? Still not over the season, I guess.

The opposite of the secret thrill is when I get cock blocked in the right hand lane. I am so NOT smiling when the car in front of me wants to go straight and I want to turn. Aggravates the crap out of me so I have to curse them with diarrhea. Teehee. I wonder if it ever works. I also wonder if I'll ever be able to spell diarrhea without spell check.

It's the little things, people. The little things.

So, I was sitting on my arse watching TV with Amanda last week when '100 Most Shocking Rock Moments' came on. Yea, yea, VH1. As we sat there talking about each number on the countdown, I noticed myself saying 'He was so hot in the 80's' a lot. Amanda would give me this look that clearly said 'WTF?' every time. That's when I realized the hair band hotties were now hot messes.

Ok, ok. JBJ still looks good but nothing like he did in the 80's. ::purr::

Egads. I'm almost embarrassed to have lusted after those leather & spandex clad men. Even more embarrassed that I tried to emulate their toxic hair styles and makeup. Oh, and who brings a chicken to an Alice Cooper concert? Or any concert, for that matter? Yea, that incident was on the countdown. Anyway, those guys do not look anything like I remember.

Hmmmm....that reminds me of the Pepperidge Farm remembers guy. Who can forget that commercial?

I wonder what he looks like. Sad thing is...that guy is probably no longer alive. Sorta like this guy...


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