December 1, 2009


I did not wake up happy. Amanda was loud and the cats were noisy at 4:30am. Yes…that’s what I said…4:30am. I was super tired from having crazy dreams all night. I had to drop Amanda off at the bus stop because she was late. This in turn, made me late. I hurt my knee doing morning stretches. I couldn’t decide on an outfit to wear. Today is my interview and I don’t know what to say. I had to call & fight with my insurance company this morning which is never something positive. My blood sugar is on the low side. I had to drive 30 minutes head on into the blaring sun. There was a line at Starbuck’s. AND I have to work all day. Sigh…not a good start.

In my feeble attempt at spirit lifting, I tried to engage my mind with ridiculous things. Like..the face I make when I hit a shady spot while driving towards the sun. I spend most of my drive squinting & furrowing my brow…even with my sunglass on. So, on those rare moments that I do hit shade, I open my eyes & mouth really wide to stretch my face, like this:

Pretty, huh?

Then there are fantastic websites like ‘11,002 things to be miserable about’. I really need this book. I’m not even sure why I don’t have it since I’ve seen it at Barnes & Nobles 100 times and it’s only like $8. Anyway, since it's not on my bookshelf collecting cat hair, I signed up for their ‘Miserable Fact of the Day’ email. Good stuff. I can’t wait for tomorrow.

Something else that makes me smile is ‘Douche Patrol’. My friend, Crystal, and I are the founders of the ‘Douche Patrol’. Crystal, aka Calpumper , is my Twitter diabetic friend. She makes me laugh AND is a New Yorker. How fantastic is that!?! Crystal is also a blogger. Go ahead and check out ‘Randomly Capitalized’. I won't get jealous.

Hmm...maybe I am a douchebag today. Maybe.

Another thing that was pretty funny today was my ‘Captcha’ totally matched my life. Today is December 1st and I decided that I would post 25 days of Christmas Songs on my Facebook page. Each day, a new, jolly, ditty for all to enjoy. For whatever reason, ‘Captcha’ popped up before I could post the link. The secret I am not a bot code was ‘Knee Tend’. Huh. Funny how I hurt my knee this morning..not funny haha, funny weird. I wonder if ‘Captcha’ has secret mind powers. I wonder if I should tend to my knee.

Wow….I just went to check my voicemail and all my saved messages are no longer there. They have disappeared. This does not make me happy. At all. Emailing Sprint now because Jaysus Effing Cripes!!! I save special voicemails simply because they make my heart happy. Whether it’s a friend in NY telling me she misses me, another friend’s laughter & love, my dad saying I’m silly and I make him laugh, or just little messages that, on days like today, bring a smile to my face. Now…they are all gone. Gone! Gone!! Arghhhh!! ::pant pant pant::: I feel like this:

Ok, well, that’s it. I’m just going to stay in my mood today. Gawd help the little people.

By the way, does anyone want a cat? Or four? I'll even throw in the laser for hours of entertainment.


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  1. You SO rock!!! Love the name Bella. Looks like my old man. I'll take the laser....can't afford anymore kitties tho. :-(

    Thanks for the shout out. We are So the Douche Patrol. I am thinking of Fabu NYer Virgo t-shirts.....I will send ideas when I find them. :-D