November 17, 2009

Gets My Goat

You know what really gets my goat? Yes, I did just say that. The Walmart $5 movie bin gets my goat. I am a movie lover. I admit it. I feel the need to buy DVD’s when they are released, add them to my little collection, then feel all happy and complete inside.

I am a member of Netflix and my queue is always growing. I have a Blockbuster card and a Hollywood Video card, both of which are within 2 miles of my home and there are several theaters within 5 miles of my home. So, there is not a lack of movie watching opportunities in my life. I simply like the luxury of watching what I want, when I want, in my pj’s, on my couch....drunk. This is also why I love Tivo.

My goat gets got when I see a movie that I purchased a few weeks ago for $20 in the $5 bin. Laying right on top, taunting me, silently laughing at me and my goat. I get so mad at myself! Then I allow my mind to send a litany of curses to my self followed with this unanswerable question. ‘Why can’t I just freaking wait a few weeks?’ ‘Up’ will not worsen over the few weeks it takes for it to end up in the discount bin. Is it because I hate digging through that bin? Pushing past the socks someone changed their mind about? Rummaging through sticky germ filled cases to find the flick you’ll take? Pillaging through old Clint Eastwood and B movies? Treasure hunting for obscure cinema at rock bottom prices? Hmmm…maybe paying full price isn’t so bad after all….maybe.

Oh…and they even have a Facebook group. Stop it. It's true. Grrr to you, $5 movie bin. Grrr. To. You.

Speaking of obscurity, have you ever seen a celebrity and thought they looked like someone or something else? I like to refer to these as Obscure Look-a-Likes. Here are a few off the top of my head. Feel free to add your own and I’ll probably add more as I continue to shop at Walmart and go to the movies.

Oh! Attention movie lovers: 'New Moon' on Saturday with the girls. Once again, mooning over under age men. Anyone interested in joining, let me know. ::here kitty, kitty, kitty::: I wonder if there will be more teen girls in the theater or more cougars. Meow. I’ll let you know.

Obscure Look-a-Likes
by Kelly

~Thunder carrots, thunder carrots, thunder carrots! HO!!!

~Curses! Like a Rolling Stone!

~Earmuffs! You've got your ball, you've got your chain.

~Cut Here.

~The Village is Gonzo.

~And just to be fair. Electric Hippie Mayhem.


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  1. This is why I avoid Wally World.
    LOVE the obscurities though!! Ha ha. Well done.