September 1, 2009

Stupid is as Stupid does.

I am cranky today so, in an attempt to make myself smile, I have decided to post some pictures of stupid people. Typically, it’s the stupidity in the human race that makes me cranky. But, please don’t think for one moment that I avoid stupidity. I definitely include myself in this list. I just don’t have any photos of myself doing anything incredibly stupid…yet.

I am just tired PMSing, without the P. I need giggles. So, here is my lame attempt at trying to make myself laugh instead of screaming. Enjoy…and thank your lucky stars that you are not in these photos. If you are in these photos, thank you for being a retard…hahaha!

Mother of the Year award winner.

The only stupid thing I see here is his hair.

Just like most of the population. Be proud.

This guy isn't stupid! He's awesome! haha

I mean, what else is left? No pun intended.

Can I get a 'God Bless America'?!

So it seems.

Hey, Kool-Aid!!

What a peach.

I have no idea either, guy in the background.

For more stupidity, click here --> Darwin Awards


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