September 15, 2009

Enquiring Mind

I have an enquiring mind and, yes, it wants to know. I really don’t see how I will get a good nights rest unless I have the answers. In fact, I may just go mad……

Here are my questions of the week:

Why are 80’s commercials coming back on TV? I feel like I have fallen into some warped time space continuum. I literally have to pause to look at my daughter, my crow’s feet and 40 year old body just to reconfirm that it is still 2009. I wonder what the french toast is going on as I watch the following….

No. I wasn’t watching TV Land. I am pretty sure I was watching HGTV or the Travel Channel. haha! Then, suddenly, in an attempt to toss everyone back to the current year, this commercial comes on:

Its times like these that I bow down to my Tivo and thank him for allowing me to skip over commercials. It’s also times like these that remind me to call my esthetician.

Next question. Why do old women insist on having long hair? I realize that long hair seems glamorous, sexy, romantic and youthful. Plus, it’s a fact that men love long hair. However, it is my opinion that it seems to make many look dragged down, tired and it accentuates those nasty wrinkles. Don’t get me wrong, I think long hair can be incredibly sexy…IF you take care of it....IF it looks strong, healthy and shiny. IF. Short hair can be just as fab and would probably take years off quite unlike the horse tail you have hanging down past your ass. But, hey, like I said…it’s my opinion. I’m going to be 41…ugh….in a couple of weeks….eff me…and my hair is just past my shoulders. That reminds me, I need to call my hair dresser.

Another question is how do people know when others speak their language? I was in the airport recently when an ethnic woman walked up to the couple next to me and started speaking quickly in something akin to Spanish. By her movements, I deduced that she was asking for directional help. The couple answered her and away she went. There was nothing screaming race on either of these people. The approaching woman was a brunette; the couple were elderly with gray hair. How in the world did she know they spoke her language? This is something that constantly amazes me. I clearly look German but never has anyone skipped up to me in lederhosen and started spouting off guten tags. I’m just saying.

I guess that’s it. It’s my birthday in one week and I’m sort of dreading it. I feel like I am at the peak of the roller coaster right now and am starting to descend. Ugh. Someone better buy me a cupcake to shove in my mouth while I'll scream.


1 comment:

  1. 80s commercials? I need cable....ha.

    Long hair on older women does look a bit odd.

    Maybe their scent? Ok, that was mean but seriously, how do they know??

    Happy birthday from one virgo to another!!
    (my 31st is in 2 days, yikes!)