July 2, 2009

You're a Mean One.....Ms. Grinch

Yesterday’s blog was a bunch of mean, whiney crap so today I decided to share a few of my favorite things. 20, to be exact. If nothing else, this list makes me happy.

I can’t help but wonder why I always have a bad week the week I’m PMSing. Is my week bad because I’m moody or is the week just generally bad? Curiouser and curiouser. Nevertheless, this is a bitchy, crank blog. Read it or don’t. No matter.

Let’s start with work. I have this one particular task that I have problems with. P-Cards. Every month I have to reconcile, gather all the receipts, go through an illogical input process and inevitably screw it up. I have a checklist, doesn’t help. I have people to assist, doesn’t help. I have the concept, doesn’t help. I mess it up each month and get in trouble each month. It’s great fun. Here’s the laughable part. I began only having one P-card to take care of. As if this wasn’t bad enough, I just got another one and when Elisa goes on maternity leave, I’ll have another. Three! Are you serious?!?!? Let’s take the one effing thing I screw up and give me more of it! They are setting me up for failure. Of this, I have no doubt. Don’t think I’m not frustrated with myself, because I am. Incredibly so. I feel so stupid and lame that I can’t even begin to explain it. However, I can’t help but laugh at the absurdity of taking the one thing I cannot do and giving me more of it. Why not give me more of the 100 other things I do extremely well? Why not ask me to perform heart surgery? I can’t do that either! Is this your measly attempt at having me learn? Listen…I’ve been playing this game for 10 months and I still have no idea how to play nor do I understand the rules. What makes you think more will help? Ugh. I better prepare myself for mucho monthly scolding. Yay….

Answer me this…why is it such an oddity to be nice to people? Has nicety become such a stranger in our lives that we question and become leery of it? Elisa is yelling at me to use ‘wary’ instead ‘leery’. I dictionary.com’d leery and the meaning is wary. Jeesh!! Same thing! Anyway, when someone is nice to you…do you question their intentions? When you are nice to someone else, are you questioned? I sometimes question…even though I think I’m nice to everyone. Everyone I meet…with no ulterior motive. I just think niceness counts. So, if I’m nice to you…it’s just that. One human being nice to another. Don’t be so shocked…as not everyone is an asshole. Well, maybe this week I am an asshole but give me a break. I make up for it during the other weeks.

There was a local 15 year old that went to a party with her boyfriend. Typical story…there was drinking, they wanted to drag race, an accident occurred and this young girl was killed. I think we have all heard this story and have had, at the very least, one of these tragedies happen in their school. A friend wanted to ‘surprise’ our daughters and a bunch of their friends and take them to this girl’s memorial. They don’t know this girl; she just wanted to ‘teach them a lesson’. I said absolutely not, that Amanda was not allowed to go. These girls are good girls, really good, so there is no need for scare tactics. I believe that honest, simple communication is the key to good parenting. I don’t believe using fear and intimidation is. Anyway, they went last night. Amanda got a phone call from one of the friends after it was over. She said all the girls were dressed up thinking they were going someplace fun & special. They pull up to a funeral home and were mortified. They go into a stranger’s funeral…open casket, no less…and eventually leave. This girl said ‘it was stupid, sad and she didn’t learn anything.’ If I were this girl’s family, I would have been mortified and livid at this invasive attempt at teaching your kids a lesson. I’m still angry about this but so grateful for the relationship I have with my daughter. Be honest with your children, talk to them and, most importantly, listen to them. That’s what they need more than a morbid surprise trip to Palm Mortuary.

I have more but it’s a bit too personal for this forum. I know…sorry…Miss Open Book has left this chapter out.

Ok…I am pretty sure I will be putting up my Christmas decorations this weekend. I had planned on molting the entire weekend because I’m not fit to be around people so it will be perfect. I will take Amanda to a matinee on Saturday…must see Twilight…and then I will get into the holiday spirit. I need some cheer.


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