July 2, 2009

'Tis the Season to be Thankful

I hate being uninspired especially when there are so many bizarre and strange things that happen on a daily basis! Anyway, I have to write a thankful blog because I literally have so many things to be thankful for. I am thankful on a daily basis and always make it a point to acknowledge it. However, tis the season and I will acknowledge a few publicly in this forum.

I wish I were surrounded by tons of family & friends so that we could do that time honored Thanksgiving tradition. No…not the Green Bean Casserole…the go around the table and each person proudly states what they are thankful for. I love that idea. So, humor me and let me know all the wonderful things you are thankful for.

I am thankful for:

FAMILY & FRIENDS: Of course! This one is a given & really shouldn’t count.
MY JOB: I’ve been fighting to keep it and, so far, I am winning.
TAFFY, MY HONDA: I am so mean and abusive to her but she never back talks & she is paid for.
ELISA: She has proven to me that I still don’t like Mexican food.
RAINY DAYS: These rarities make me very happy. I want to move to Washington.
MY INSULIN PUMP: I hate being a cyborg but I love that it’s keeping me alive.
DIET ROCK STAR: The only time I can burp like a man.
LITTLE WRINKLES: They remind me how wonderful my life is.
GUAM: aka: My ass. It reminds me of my cupcake love.
TRUE LOVE: I’m glad I had one and I’m glad we’re still friends.
NOT BEING PREGNANT: I’m glad my friends are though. )
MY CAT, FINN: I love when he wraps himself around my legs while I’m peeing.
TIVO: Although it did rip me away from reading…I love the marriage between reality tv & Tivo.
NEW CRYAONS: I love coloring with Amanda but it’s so much better with new crayons.
TEXTING: My connection to the world. No….don’t call me…I hate talking on the phone.
SERENDIPITY: Always when you need it the most. The movie isn’t bad either.
OLD MOVIES: I love the proper behavior, the classic dress and the terminology.
TINTED MOISTURIZER: Lightly covers imperfections without giving a pancake face.
BATH & BODY WORKS: I match the scent with what I’m wearing and it makes me smile.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Enjoy your family and be safe!


I am very aware that my recent blogs have taken on a bullet point guise and have not been my literary best. My apologies. Unfortunately, this is where my creativity has taken me due to lack of time and inspiration. Those who have been reading my blogs for years know that I am much better than this.


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