July 2, 2009


Written June 16, 2009

In honor of my randomosity, I shall dedicate this blog to the art of being random. I seriously wish my brain had an off button. No wonder I sleep so much. It’s the only time I have peace and quiet. So, to clear out some mental space, here are some things that I have been thinking about this week.

A. Whatever happened to the old Wheel of Fortune? The one that had the shopping segment. Does anyone remember? If you won the round, you could take whatever money you had and buy crap. Crazy crap. Like…the dog statue or the picnic basket or the gold lighter. That’s was fabu. I might watch the Wheel of Fortune again if they still had the shopping. I boycotted the show when they didn’t choose Bill & I for ‘Best Friends Week’. Jerks.

It's long but has the shopping!

B. I have wondered what it would be like to drive my car up one of those trucks with the ramps on them. You know, the big 18 wheelers that carry cars…only…the one without cars. Every time I am behind one on the freeway, I think about punching it and flying up. I guess this falls into the category of driving off the spaghetti bowl just to see what happens. Yes, yes, I know I would get hurt. No, no, I’m not suicidal. Just curious.

C. If you owned a beauty supply store, wouldn’t you have to hire beautiful women with good makeup? I think this would be a given. I went into Sally’s Beauty Supply..that’s right! I said it!!...to buy some turquoise hair dye for Amanda. The lady at the register looked like the crypt keeper from my A Man Duh entry, only a tad bit younger….yikes. Why would someone want to buy beauty supplies from the crypt keeper? Ugh.


D. Who really orders Schwan food? I mean, they have been in business forever so someone must. I remember being a child and seeing the delivery truck. I always thought it was an ice cream truck. I mean, they have ice cream but it didn’t have scary duck quacking music. Anyway, I just Google’d Schwann. They have been in business since 1952. Holy crap! People must like home delivery food. I guess I just haven’t come to that level of laziness yet but I’m sure I will.


E. Stupid family stickers. Again, I have to write about this. Why do these things drive me insane? Is it because any serial killer would know you have a husband, 3 kids, 2 cats and a dog? Is it because you are advertising your lack of birth control usage? Is it because you slap Mickey ears on every family member so my daughter says ‘It’s a sign!! Let’s go to Disney!’ I don’t know. Maybe a combination of all. I wonder if I could get a stupid family sticker of me, hitting my daughter, kicking my cats & flipping you the bird. That’d be awesome.


F. When did police cars turn into taxi cabs? I was driving to work yesterday and saw this guy. Never have I seen this before. ‘Out of Service’ really? What if I sped by? What if I made a right turn without using my blinker? What if I was being car jacked at the same light we were stopped at? What would happen? Would you continue to munch on your donut, shrug your shoulders and tell me you are off duty? Weird.


That's all I can remember right now. I hope you enjoyed the visual accompaniments. I really need to start writing things down in my handy dandy crackberry. Which reminds me....I need to blog about Ipod Random and the Misadventures of the Crackberry. Eh. Maybe next week.

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  2. Rec'd June 29, 2009 from Amanda:

    I'm buying this when I get my own car. And I'm never ever taking it off. :D


  3. Rec'd June 16, 2009 from Natalie:

    The cop cars use 'out of service' when they are doing maintenance and test drives. Usually it's not even a copy driving them when they are like that.

  4. Rec'd June 16, 2009 from Laura:

    I hate those effing family stickers too - advertise your daughters to the world of perverts! NIIIICE!