July 2, 2009

Pre-Holiday Madness

I wish I were one of those people that had the foresight to purchase Christmas presents early. Not early like in July, early like in the previous year. You know, like all the smart and thrifty people who shop the after Christmas sales then stash the presents away until next year. Those people. Those people are fantastic. I can’t help but wonder about some things, though. Such as, when Christmas finally comes around…would I still want to give someone a year old gift? For example, what if Shesh likes Cherry Bath & Body Works this year but changes to Lavender next year? Should she suffer because I was so avant-garde in my quest? Or what if I buy Amanda a shirt this year and she grows? These are the type of things I think about and this is why I think I am crazy.

I was ok until the week of Halloween when I walked into the local torture chambers (ie: Walmart and Target) to buy some things for my party. I specifically wanted an autumn scented candle. A red, brown or orange candle that emitted scents of pumpkin, leaves or apples. Simple, right? No. What I found was definitely a nightmare before Christmas. Red, green and white candles smelling like gingerbread, pine and cookies were everywhere! Both stores had transformed themselves into winter wonderlands. Egads! I was already full of Halloween stress…now I had to sprinkle Christmas stress on top? This is when I wished I had shopped last year so that I could just chill and smile all the way to Christmas morning.

Speaking of nightmare before Christmas…I want to go to Disneyland. Last August, we celebrated Amanda’s birthday at Disneyland. I think we had about 17 people in our party. We had so much fun that we bought a Season Pass. It was my plan to get my moneys worth, and I did. We went to Disney so many times that when August came around and it was time renew, I didn’t. I was bored and wanted to try a new place, like Magic Mountain. Now, here I am3 months later and I’m jonesing. Literally jonesing. ‘Hi, my name is Kelly Wright and I’m addicted to Disneyland.’ I’m surprised it has taken me 3 months to finally admit it.

Disneyland at Christmas though…..good times. ROAD TRIP!! Who’s in?! heehee

While I’m on the Christmas subject, let’s discuss the great things about this season.

Green Bean Casserole. Big fan. Huge! This is a MUST at my holiday table. This year in particular since I’ve gone all pescetarian.
Christmas Lights. I know, I know, I live in Vegas. Big whoop…more lights. I don’t care. I love them. I love to gather friends to drive around to look at all the best lights and then have hot chocolate & dessert.
Warmth. People become united and warm. Strangers wishing each other ‘Merry Christmas’ and smiling. That special happiness in the air that is palpable.
Homemade Cookies. Better yet…homemade cookie dough! There is something satisfying about taking warm cookies out of the oven. Then having your entire house smell like sugary goodness.
It’s a Wonderful Life. My all time favorite holiday movie. Makes me cry every year. But let’s all the Christmas movies and specials. Charlie Brown, Dr. Suess, A Christmas Story. There’s nothing better than being warm and snuggly with your loved ones watching holiday television.
Stockings. This is mostly a woman thing. Women LOVE stockings. We love getting travel size lotions. We love nail polish, lipstick and mascara. We love nail files and face masks. Christmas candies. Stockings do not have to be filled with expensive gifts, no, no. Just simple yet wonderful little treasures make our Christmas morning.
Tree. I love real trees more than anything but I have to make do with artificial living in the desert. While I miss the smell of a live tree, I adore unpacking all the ornaments and d├ęcor. Spending an evening with my daughter while we turn our desert home into our winter haven.
Presents. Please. Who doesn’t love presents? Any time of the year? Especially fabulous presents! The absolute best, though, is to wake up Christmas morning and watch Amanda open gifts. I am as excited to watch as she is to open. It’s pure beauty, every year.
I secretly can’t wait for the Christmas magic to begin….but don’t tell anyone. Grinchy works for me.


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