July 14, 2009

No Escape Route

Here is yet another Starbucks rant. Why aren’t there any escape routes in the drive thru lane? Friday morning, Amanda had a 9am tennis lesson. Too damn early for me and my day off so I needed my caffeine IV. I pulled into a line of about 4 cars and waited….and waited……and waited. I looked in my rear view mirror and there were 2 cars behind me. I finally advanced forward one step…and waited….and waited…and waited. 20 minutes later there are 6 cars behind me, I am pissed off and paying the usual obscene amount for my liquid crack. Several times throughout my wait, I wondered how to escape. We were going to be late and I hate being late. I wanted to make a break for it and leave but you can’t! They won’t let you! Starbucks denies you an escape route so that you are forced into making the purchase whether you want to or not. You could be having a heart attack at the wheel but you would still have to wait, pull forward and pay before you could leave to seek medical attention. Rawr.

My latest TV commercial fascination is the Prius commercials. I love, love, love their ingenuity. Seriously. It is one of the most creatively pleasing commercials I have ever seen. They combine nature, people and vehicles smoothly and beautifully. The first time I saw the commercial, I was like ‘Holy crap! Those are people! The sun is people, the trees are people, and the flowers are people! WOW!’ I was amazed and hooked. I have Tivo so I skip commercials but this one I will watch. It makes me smile every time. I want to test drive a Prius now! Click here to see the ‘Harmony’ commercial, see how it was made & download ‘Let Your Love Flow’ by Petra Haden: Toyota Prius

Big Brother 11….another TV fascination. It’s like being a legal stalker..I love it! I don’t love Julie Chen though. Why does she slather baby oil all over her legs? It looks gross. I will stay tuned every episode just to see if she still has greasy legs. Ew. Anyway, this year the theme is high school cliques. Athletes, Offbeats, Brains, Popular. Right now I am loving the Offbeats but I reserve the right to change my love. Thanks. Every year I make up nicknames for the household. I already have a few and, oddly enough, they stem from when I was in high school.

Vanilla Ice - Casey
Tattoo You - Lydia
Roid - Russell
Jeff Spicoli - Braden
Butter Face – Laura

Ugh…and I can’t believe Jesse is back. *gag* What clique were you in during high school?

While I’m on the ‘entertainment’ run, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince opens tomorrow. I love the Harry Potter movies, I do. I’ll admit it. Like Twilight, I have only read the first book but I am still highly entertained by these movies. This year, maybe even more so. This is the first movie since Daniel Radcliffe appeared nudey with a horse!! *gasp* Gawd…how can I get that visual out of my head? It’s too pervy to take up residence in there! I need to think about Muggles, Dumbledore and booger flavored jelly beans instead of Hairy Twa…I mean Harry Potter. Yikes. Moving on…ahem...or maybe not....

Teehee!! Sorry. Had to pull you into the pedophile zone. haha!

Ok...now moving on...for real. :)

Once again, it’s time for Friendship Blog Love.


We met in 1978. That’s right….1978. I had no idea how much I needed you and no idea how lonely I was. You were the breath of fresh air that saved me. You were the only sure thing I ever knew. You knew me before I was sick, before I had boobs, before my first kiss, before I failed, before I was hurt, before I became a mom, before I knew who I truly was. You have been the one constant in my life and will always be. So, thank you for going to the pond that day. For that, I learned about destiny. Thank you for teaching me about family and showing me that dinner every night at 5pm was important. For that, I am a wonderful mother. Thank you for teaching me how to behave, dress, look and smell like a girl. For that, I am only a hippie in spirit. Haha! Thank you for not letting your brother shoot me with his bb gun. For that, I learned compromise. Thank you for meeting me half way. For that, I learned cooperation. Thank you for going skinny dipping, rafting down our stream & wandering in the woods with me. For that, I developed my sense of adventure. Thank you for flashing the Hasidic Jews with me. For that, I learned about irony. Thank you for paddling to the middle of Lake Sacandaga with me. For that, I learned about teamwork. Thank you for the funky makeup sessions and letting me sing Prince songs. For that, I learned comedic entertainment. Thank you for sitting on the porch swing with me. For that, I learned about comfortable companionship. Thank you for trying out for cheerleading even though you didn’t want to. For that, I learned loyalty. Thank you for loving me even when I was a douche. For that, I learned forgiveness. Thank you for singing with me at Great Adventure and Lake George. For that, I learned about talent…or lack thereof. Haha! Thank you for taking me to Taconic, the Kerhonkson pool and Saugerties to shop. For that, I learned that family outings & closeness were incomparable. Most of all thank you for teaching me what true friendship was. For that, I learned unconditional love. You are my very best friend, the home for my spirit, the joy in my heart and the hug when I need it. You are my safe haven and my giggle fest. I cannot imagine a world without you in it. Thank you for being you, exactly as you are. Love ya.


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  1. Stop going to Starbux. It's that easy! Brahahahaaa. No, the same thing annoys me too.