July 2, 2009

Mustache Rides

The time has come for me to embrace ‘youth’ technology and buy a gaming system. I know. Ridiculous. I’ve made it through all phases basically untouched. I didn’t delve into the dungeons of Zelda. I didn’t allow The Sims to simulate my life. I danced in my car, not in my living room with DDR. I shot past Halo. I cruised by Grand Theft Auto. Wii didn’t succumb. I had played a few of the aforementioned but it wasn’t my thing. I barely watched TV until Tivo! Now I barely read since getting that little time sucking gift! I didn’t want the same obsession to start with video games. I wanted my daughter to be fit…and smart….and have social skills. Haha! I now find myself in unfamiliar territory. Game System shopping. I’m doomed. Fucking Aerosmith Guitar Hero.

I have fallen into the stage where my mind behaves younger than my body will allow it too. That sucks and I’m in total denial. I jacked up my knee again. I have been having knee issues for about 3 or more months. It’s sporadic and usually only when I’m going down….heehee. PERVS! I mean going downhill, downstairs, down a mountain, down a hiking trail, down a Fast Pass Lane to the Indiana Jones ride. Going up is totally fine so I don’t know what the problemo is. Amanda & I went hiking on Monday in honor of the dead Presidents. We had such a great time and it’s our new favorite thing to do. I’m so glad she is finally into hiking! Anyway, we climbed up to a peak because we were curious as to what was up there. I didn’t even think about coming down until I was wincing in pain for approximately 2.5 miles on my way to the car. I finally made an appointment to see an Orthopedic Surgeon. He has a mustache like Tom Selleck circa 1980’s and I expect him to have a “Mustache Rides” t-shirt on. I hope he fixes my knee before the ride though….in case I have to go down.

Many of you know that I’m not enormously political. However, I do have very clear ideas on what I would like to see in the US and which issues I hold dear to my heart. That being said, I will listen to your opinions, I will hear your viewpoints, I will appreciate you in this forum, but I will not engage in a political debate with you. Please don’t be one of those friends who try and force your political opinions down my throat. That only makes me dislike & judge your candidate more harshly because you are an ass. Unless you have a valid stance and provide me with something different…that I agree with….I will not change my opinion to appease you. I wanted to get that out, just for the record, before I continue with this story. I work with and share an office with Elisa. Her husband had a fantastic opinion. He said that the Republicans are responsible for Obama moving ahead of Hilary. His idea is that the Republicans are secretly backing Obama. This because as we near election time and Americans see Obama in a stadium surrounded by an all African American audience that they will get scared and vote for McCain. Thus, allowing the country to continue being run by uptight white men. Great. He is betting that McCain will win. Interesting…..I’m hoping that he is wrong.

So, my dad has been friends with this dude, John, forever. The two of them just went to Florida to see my brother on a little getaway and my bro sent me some pictures. It always is a painful joy when I see pictures of my dad. This isn’t about my dad though. This is about John. John is dying from Cancer. Cancer…this isn’t about Cancer either. Grrrr. This is about John’s dedication in writing what he has done, every day, for about 40 years. He has, without fail, wrote down each night what he has done that day. He isn’t a writer so his days aren’t sprinkled with creativity and finesse. His days are what were important to him and what brought him joy so that he would always remember. He has tons of notebooks filled with years of memories. How fantastic is that?!?! This is one of the reasons why my dad thinks John’s wife doesn’t like him. Haha! I was thinking about doing the same thing starting on my birthday. I could start now but I thought it would give me something to look forward to as I’m sliding into Home Base. Just thought I’d share this story as it made me smile and wish that I had done it too.

All my friends know that I go through stages of discontent with Vegas. Sometimes I want to leave so bad it hurts. Literally hurts. This occurs generally in Autumn. October. When I know that my leaves are changing, when I know the crispness of the air, etc. I won’t get into my Autumn dismay. My point is that I want to leave. There are so many reasons why I want to leave. This is not about those reasons. This is going to be about the reasons I love Vegas. A feeble attempt to sway my mood into something more manageable and thankful. I’m making it rainbow, too. Hmph.

My friends: They are literally the best I have ever found….and I’ve been around.

Red Rock: Surprise waterfalls, hidden gems, hiking, burros, red…rocks.

The sky: Brilliant blue, majestic purple, shocking pink…it’s all beauty. Take a look.

Different cultures: People, food, traditions, events. A melting pot that is amazing.

Community: Really just a close knit, caring, intelligent and giving 2 million residents.

Accessibility: You can get anywhere from here.

Hmm….what else? Come on locals….tell me….why do you love Las Vegas?


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