July 2, 2009

Mind Chatter

Written January 4, 2007

I am constantly amazed, yet rarely shocked. This week I have been amazed by Nature versus Nurture. I am so much like my real father its crazy. I only lived with him from the ages of 11 to 14. I don’t know how many of you know but I was adopted by my grandparents. Long story that, as many of my other stories, is much better over a few bottles of wine. Anyway, just 3 years….I was going into the 6th grade when I moved in….ran away in 9th grade. But, my personality was already set. My characteristics, notions, ideas, everything that made me who I am were already in place. Of course, time and maturity changes everyone somewhat, but the core, what matters, remains the same. I have my father’s humor, his charm, his anger, his aloofness, his love of nature, his social gaiety, his addictive personality. I have all of these things that came from my father, but the DNA doubled the effect, if that makes sense. I have spent more time with my mother, than my father. I’m amazed she loves me so. Then again, she did love him and part of her always will. I must literally drive her mad…..he did. Anyway, isn’t it crazy? Nature always will find its way. Always.

Starbucks changed the name of my favorite drink. Psh. I had it down to a science, my drink. Venti 3 Pump Sugar Free Vanilla Nonfat Latte. Boom! Now, to accommodate and coerce the health conscious masses, they have changed my drink to be the following: Skinny Vanilla Latte, 3 Pumps. Sure…easier to say. Yes…it should make the drive-thru line quicker. Absolutely….faster way of ordering. What a concept! Marketing geniuses that work at Starbucks honed in on those gym going, iron pumping, marathon running, yoga gurus and threw in the word “Skinny”. As much as I don’t like them moving my cheese…ahem…..I say hats off to them for being so brilliant!

Does anyone know how to silence their mind? My mind is in a constant state of chaos that flutters and flits about ALWAYS. I figured out this morning that the reason I sleep so much is because that’s the only time I am unaware of the thoughts in my head. I go to bed early, sleep late, take naps simply because I’m exhausted…mentally. My mind never shuts up. You would think that as I’m plummeting down the chasm of all that is 40…I mean…36…that I would have learned & honed this skill to perfection. Does this happen to everyone? The constant stream of thoughts? Mind chatter? Just curious. Maybe I should take up yoga.

I was thinking about hugs the other day. I’m not sure why or what I was trying to accomplish…it was just more chatter. Hugs are a huge part of life. They are present in some of the most important moments in your life….sad, happy & anything in between. Hugs are present at weddings, funerals, dinners, parties, goodbyes, hellos, any love, comfort or sadness….and they continue. When I think back to some of the monumental moments in my life, hugs were involved. My conclusion, though I wasn’t looking for one, is that hugs are amazing and I wonder what life would be like without them. Besides, who doesn’t need a hug every once in a while? Go hug someone today…you never know who needs one and it may just turn out that it’s you.

I’m taking my Christmas tree down this weekend. I hate taking it down. Not because the spirit is gone, just because there is so much of it. It’s more fun to put it up for me. Ugh. Then I have to go outside and take down the masses of cheer I stuck out there. Where is my magic wand when I need it?

Speaking of magic, I have successfully accomplished watching all 5…yes…5…Harry Potter movies. Wow. Yesterday, Amanda & I had a living room camp out. She loves doing that. I pile every blanket and pillow I have on the floor, we stay in our pj’s and basically lay around for the entire day. We started at 10am…..ended at 11pm. That’s a lot of magic…and Muggles….and wands. I’m totally jealous…I do wish I had a magic wand. Then I wouldn’t have to clean tomorrow.

Have a good weekend, everyone.


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