July 2, 2009


January 24, 2007

Another blog of random, brought to you by me.

Why do people use filler words in conversation? If you have to pause to gather your thoughts or think about what you are vocalizing....then simply pause. It's my personal opinion that you sound more intelligent when you don't throw a "ya know" or "ummm" in as a filler. I wanted to scream this morning. I was listening to the radio and there was a woman who called in that had a lot to say. The topic was important, but she lost me with the 42 million "ya know" fillers that she threw in. A) This makes the conversation 10 times longer than it needs to be B) This makes you sound ignorant.

My boobs are huge! I just thought I'd let you know. I've lost 4 pounds since I started working out. Not major but it's a good start. My clothes feel looser and I feel stronger. I actually want to work out now that I'm seeing results! However, while checking myself out, I noticed my breasts! Wow! I hope all this working out doesn't make them go away!

Amanda got her glasses last night. At first, I didn't like them. It was so weird seeing her in glasses. It took me a couple of minutes to get used to them and she looks really cute! I love them. I am amazed that she couldn't see. As soon as we got into the car, she told me that she didn't realize the mountains had points. I had no idea what she was talking about! She said that it was just a blur before. Now she could actually see the defined shape of the mountains. She also noticed that I have wrinkles. I think I like it better when she had blurry vision and thought I was beautiful!

Tomorrow my counters get installed! OH JOY!! OH RAPTURE!! I just hope everything goes without a hitch and they look good. I'm also getting new sinks installed. This will make me so happy that I may pee my pants. Good thing I'll have a sink to wash them in. Now if I could just get my landscapers to show me their designs. I still have so much to do. Paint, landscape, blinds.....this crap needs to be done by March. I want to have a wine party so it would be really cool if everything was in order. Wish me luck!!

I'm on an email list from Travelzoo for their Top 20. They have an Ireland vacation, in Feb., flying out of LA for $699. 6 days, B&B and a rental car! I want to go soooo bad! Do you realize how cheap $699 is for a trip to Ireland?! The only bad thing is it's freezing there. I'd be ok with that if I lived there but not when I'm vacationing there. Speaking of International travel, I still haven't heard from my Aussies. Hmmm.

I have to have a staff meeting this afternoon. This makes me laugh because what the hell do we have to talk about? I know...it will be all about mussels. They found zebra mussels and kin in Lake Mead. Now everyone is freaked out. I really need a new job because I could not care less about mussels.

I need a really good song in my head. A happy song. Any suggestions?


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