July 2, 2009

Ghost of Christmas Past

I find the week between Christmas and New Year always to be a strange one. I really think this week should have it’s own label….I just haven’t thought of one yet. I also wonder why I never take vacation during this time….seriously..why don’t I??

Everyone is usually in that bizarre post holiday/pre holiday mode. Let’s see, I’m going to call that….CHRISTMAS CRASH. After months of frantic elation, shopping, wrapping, potlucks, decorations, cookies, et al et al…that one day finally comes….and it’s all over in the blink of an eye! You are left with an empty ‘to do’ list and everything seems a little less magical. You get all amped up……then crash. *ouch*

Christmas crash can also be lumped with CHRISTMAS COMA. There are so many sugary sweets in my house that my blood sugar instinctively rises in anticipation. No more cookies, please. Well…maybe just one.

Then you have the stores marketing the hell out of their…CHRISTMAS SALES. Millions of commercials for celebrity perfume are replaced with ‘our biggest after Christmas Sale! 25%, 50%, 75% off everything!! Woooo!!!’ Unfortunately, I am all out of energy, will power and money to partake in the greatest year end sales which basically consist of all the crap no one wanted for Christmas. *sigh* But couldn’t they at least chill with the damn Valentines decorations for this week? Eff me. Thanks, Walmart, you fascist bastards.

Ok, back to my story, don’t forget the DREADED DECORATION REMOVAL. Didn’t I just put all of this up? Didn’t I just sweat myself to death during tree assembly? Now I have to go around and take everything down?!?! I don’t want to. I want my tree to stay there until next year! Oh my….I just found out how those people who leave their lights on 365 days a year feel!

Then as the week carries on, with it comes the REFLECTIONS & RESOLUTIONS. I personally don’t make resolutions. I am not interested in setting myself up for guilt or disappointment. I always hope to have the best year ever and I usually do. Reflections I do partake in. I think about all the trips, dinners, gatherings, laughter, hugs, thank you’s, pictures, tears, losses, fights…everything that made my life a wonderful thing to be living.

So, while I fall into all of these categories to some extent, there is also that wave of peace that rolls on in during this week. The lull of silent joy, the smiles I caused, the happiness I sprinkled, the lurve I felt. I hope this feeling tickles your soul as much as all the others….but hopefully more.

I also hope that when you look back on this year, you find many moments that made you smile and I hope those moments are tenfold in the upcoming year. Hope everyone had a joyous & magical Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, whatever and I wish you a very happy New Year. Be safe. xo


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