July 2, 2009

Friday Madness

January 26, 2007

I hate the people I work with. It's bad enough to hate your job, but to hate the people is like rancid icing on a crap cake. Why does "Mouth" insist on talking to me about things I'm not doing? Or about things that I do not know? Then continue to yammer away when I say I'm not doing that or I don't know?! GRRRR!! How can a person enjoy hearing themselves talk so much? Oh...wait....Damnit! I type a lot...I don't talk a lot! Haha

I'm getting old. I realized this morning that I am almost 40. I have some serious misconceptions about turning 40. To me it means being financially stable, having a successful career and having healthy relationships....among many other "grown up" things. I don't feel like I think 40 should feel. I don't see that this will change in 2 years either, actually, 1 1/2 years to be exact. The good thing is that I can glorify this any way I want to....like by saying "40 is the new 30!" Hey, didn't it take the Israelites 40 days to find the Promised Land? I'm not religious, but perhaps it will take me 40 years. Maybe...just maybe...in 1 1/2 years I will have found my promised land. Haha

I was listening to M&M this morning on the way to work. The topic was music concerts. I went to my first concert with my mom...circa 1982-83. I wanted to go to Billy Idol. Mom said no, I was too young. Hmph! She went and then had the audacity to tell me I could have gone because it wasn't that bad! Gee, mom, a little late! Anyway, my first concert was Adam Ant in all his romantic pirate glory. He sang "Desperate But Not Serious" lying on scaffolding while emulating sex. I remember this so clearly because I think this was the first time I experienced lust. Amanda's first concert was Aerosmith & Kiss. She fell asleep while Steven was swinging from a rope over the audience. What is wrong with her?!

Grey's Goose Anatomy party is tomorrow night. I have to clean like a madwoman tomorrow. My counters were installed yesterday and now there is a fine layer of grit all over the place. I made the mistake of walking into my kitchen barefoot last night. It felt like I was on Mission Beach. I still don't have my kitchen sink installed....some missing pipe or something. Hopefully, this will be fixed Saturday before 7p! My house is in a state of disarray anyway. Sorry ladies! We are going to have a great time though! Yea!

I'm going to see Epic Movie tonight with Billy. George is at a horse show. I seriously need mindless entertainment and uncontrollable laughter for a couple of hours. Just to ease the tension of home improvements! OH! I meet with the landscape guy Tuesday night to check out his design. This is the one I like, so I'm really excited!

Tomorrow is my last training session at the gym. 10am. Will the madness never cease? What was I thinking making an appointment for 10am on a Saturday? I want to sleep! Plus, I have so much to do its sick. Ugh....I will leave you with a weekend quote by William Shakespeare.

"Hell is empty. All the devils are here."


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