July 2, 2009


Written March 5, 2008

I’m thinking Starbucks should change its name to Fivebucks. I swear that every drink costs around $5. I went to the drive thru the other day and almost had a melt down. My drink used to be $4.04. Then they raised the price to $4.14. FINE!! Whatever I have to pay to get my liquid crack!! So, I order my Skinny 3 Pump Vanilla Latte and she quotes my price as $4.43. What?!?! Yes….29 cents matters. It does! What if gas was $3.15 today and $3.44 tomorrow? You’d crap yourselves! Anyway, I pull up and asked if they raised the prices again? She made a mistake and charged me for the Sugar Free Vanilla that normally is included in the Skinny Latte price. Whew! I also think they should change the name of the Frappuchino to Crappuchino. Only because Amanda made it up and it makes me laugh. I love her!

Damn! Why do I always talk about Fivebucks?!?!

This has got to be the best time to be in Las Vegas. I always scorn this city..it’s just not where I would choose to be. I try, though. I try to see the beauty. I even blogged about the good things Vegas has to offer a few weeks ago. But this…this season….spring…is incredible. My most favorite part is the Flowering Plums. For only an instant…no longer than that….they bloom in full regale and make many an English Garden sigh. I thought they were Cherry Blossoms until my friend corrected me. He has FOUR in his yard! Holy cow! All I know is that they are beautiful. In this drab desert that consists of all the same colors, this shock of pink is gorgeous. I wonder if they smell as pretty as they look.

Guess what? It’s that time of year again. Girl Scout Cookie Time! Woooo! You can’t walk into an Albertson’s or Vons without being attacked by girls with patches. Bring your checkbooks or have cash so you can partake in cookie madness! Why do they only have this event once a year? For them, it’s brilliant as we are all craving and drooling for Thin Mints. I, myself, dive right for the Peanut Butter Patties as if they were gold in a box. It’s sorta like the McRib. When you want one…it’s not there. When you don’t want one….it’s there and you eat it anyway because you know it will soon be gone. Unlike the McRib, the cookie proceeds go to a good cause. Young girls learning valuable life skills while having a little fun along the way. Go buy some cookies, please. Make a Troop happy and then send me some cause I’m hungry.

Have you ever just been sad for no apparent reason? We all know I’m a moody bitch. I’m not gonna lie. But today I woke up and was sad. I always try to mask my moods by inserting humor, or finding something else to focus on, but today I keep slipping. I keep finding myself opening that stupid morose door. There is nothing beyond the norm that I should be sad about, just the random odd things that are usually kept behind that door. Maybe I am in the mood to be sad. Is that freaking crazy?

Maybe it’s because I sent out all my agent letters this week. I’ve gotten 4 ‘No’s’ and that stings. I’m insecure about several things but writing…ugh….my writing is the most precious thing. It’s my heart thing. It’s my voice. It’s just…..my thing. The one thing, other than being a mom, that I’m good at. I am struggling to not take things personal but I can’t seem to bring myself to believe it. I also know that logically not everyone is going to say yes. But why not?! Damn it! There are 500, 000 authors that attempt to get published each year. EACH year! I am one! Only 50,000 books get published each year and I’m pretty sure only about 100 are from first time authors. Anyway, in order to not jinx myself, to enlist your help and make the universe clear on what it is that I want, here it is. I want Rachel Vater as my agent. I want her to love my unique & fresh ideas and take me on as a client. I want to be a published author. So…I’m asking all my friends to send out good vibes to the universe, pray, channel spirits, cast spells, do a lucky dance, make wishes, rub your lucky charms, do anything, everything for me….and keep your fingers crossed. Muchas…muchas gracias.

Did you know that this week is National Sleep Awareness week? It’s true. It is. Check sleepfoundation.org if you don’t believe me. I don’t know about you but I’ve been celebrating! All week long and I will continue to celebrate until Sunday. Mmmm…zzzzzzzzzzz. Even though I’ve been having bad dreams all stupid week. Last night I was stuck in an elevator shaft with Shadow and some Freddy Krueger type thing was trying to get me. Stupid dreams.

In closing, I have some stupidity statements:

Stupid Airborne. I’m getting my money back!

Stupid Medical facilities who should KNOW better!!

Stupid allergies….but pretty Flowering Plums!

Stupid Lohan Mom and her lack of parenting skills.

Stupid Moses being high on Mt. Sanai.

Have a good weekend!


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