July 2, 2009

Fire and Ice

Written March 5, 2009

I’m driving in my car…..I turn on the radio….then I stop singing in my head and start singing out loud. I know. I’m a dork. I don’t care though. Sometimes I sing loud, sometimes soft. Sometimes I get really dramatic, sometimes I just sit there. Sometimes I care what the cars next to me think, sometimes I don’t. I do it for my own entertainment. What really makes me laugh is when I pretend I’m playing the drums. Sad….but funny. I have no idea how to play the drums.

I wonder what you would think if you saw me.

I sing like shit. Seriously. There is nothing pretty about my voice. In fact, if I could wish for one talent it would be that. To have an awesome singing voice. I was texting this guy once and accidentally called him without my knowing. He now has a 1.5 minute voicemail of me singing. Great…no wonder he didn’t like me. Haha! What’s funny though is I was telling this story to 3 single, male friends on the way to Big Bear and they loved it. They said they would have saved the performance and used it as a ring tone. They also said they’d like me more for it. Psh. Now those are some awesome guys!

Anyway…I digress. I sing in the car but that’s not the worst thing I do. I text. *yipes* Bad Kelly, Bad Kelly!! Now I try to only text at red lights and it’s working out pretty well. I have also read things, put my foot on the dash, wiped dust off the radio, put deodorant on..yea. Several oddball things that I shouldn’t be doing while behind the wheel. Today on the way to work, I saw this truck approaching quickly enough to make me gulp and pay closer attention. Speedy Gonzales slowed down before she killed me but she was close enough for me to see that she was putting on mascara. Who does this while driving down the road?! Oh…wait….me. Ooops.

I wonder what sort of crazy things do you do while driving.

Have you ever had those days where you leave the house and reach your destination only to say ‘Holy crap! I don’t even remember driving here!’? Total auto pilot mode. That’s scary. Or am I the only one who goes into an occasional driving coma?

Holy crap on a cracker…Amanda will be getting her permit in 1 year. ONE YEAR!!! I need to teach her how to drive. Really?? Do we honestly think I am the best candidate? I better research some Driving Ed Schools. Last thing I want to think about is Amanda rollin’ in her 5.0 with her rag top down so her hair can blow….sorry. Um..last thing I want to think about is Amanda checking her MySpace while rollin’ down the road. Psh.

That’s it…I’m Audi.


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