July 2, 2009

A Few of My Favorite Things

1. Amanda. Everything about this girl is my favorite, everything.

2. Chapstick. I am addicted and cannot survive without waxy lips. It’s true.

3. Baking cookies. Makes me feel all warm and snuggly.

4. Venti Skinny Vanilla Lattes. In fact, I wish they had a bigger size…like ‘Vat’.

5. Laughing. The really good, makes you cry laugh that starts with a guffaw and involves a few snorts.

6. Peter Pan Creamy Peanut Butter. Enough said.

7. Pajama’s. I wish I could live in pajama’s.

8. Central Park. In the fall when the brightly colored leaves crunch beneath your feet and the crisp air kisses your cheeks.

9. Forests. The stillness and quiet even though there are animals scurrying. The moss on the trees. The rays of sunlight pushing through the canopy.

10. Unexpected snail mail. Only the good kind, like a present from your best friend of 29 years.

11. Lilacs. The real trees that bloom in full force during the spring.

12. Dinner with Friends. Pure, simple joy.

13. Butterflies. They are little surprises that flit merrily about.

14. Daisies. My favorite flower because they are happy.

15. Clean sheets. Even better with freshly shaved legs…sigh.

16. Clouds. Laying on your back in the grass and making animals out of them.

17. Snow. Specifically the very first snow when you open the door to your own winter wonderland.

18. Humor. Very few people possess this so it’s my favorite thing when I find real, true humor.

19. Being Original. It’s my favorite thing to be the shepherd…not the sheep.

20. Good Hugs. My Aunt Donna gave the best comfort hugs ever.

There you go. I am smiling and content now. Thank you for letting me share. Now you do the same. What are some of your favorite things?


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