July 2, 2009

Farewell 2007

Written December 28, 2007

Here it is, the end of another saga. Farewell 2007…Hello 2008. God, I hope you rock!! I wanted to have my last blog of the year be a thankful one. I wanted to share my thanks in a way that is personal to those I’m thankful for. I wanted it to be goal oriented so that when I forget my way and become lazy, I can look back and remind myself. I also wanted a way to let the universe know what I expect this year. I think the universe gets confused when I make fun of something or get angry over something. I wanted to send Mr. Universe a clear message so that, hopefully, he won’t mess anything up this year. Lastly, I wanted to wish everyone the most joyous, loving, wondrous and delicious year ever. You deserve it!


*Thank you for saying I am existential. That is one of the greatest compliment I have ever received.

*Thank you for liking me so much even though you barely know me. Thank you for your compliments. Thank you for your entertainment. Thank you for your wisdom. Thank you for your vintage rock and blueberries.

*Thank you for making me realize that I deserve more than you were ever willing to offer. You also made me realize that I do know how to fight for love, even if it’s a fight I can’t win.

*Thank you for finally making me like you! I have been visiting you several times a week and finally I am starting to feel you. Thank you for being the change I need. A positive habit when I have always fallen for the bad habits.

*Thank you for giving me something to write about. Every day you never cease to amaze me with your ignorance. That gives me a constant stream of fodder to write about…laugh about…amaze over…and fascinate over.

*Thank you for showing me your ignorance and giving me the fortitude to continue searching. Something wonderful came out of your mentally stunted ideas and I will be happy. Thank you for also allowing me to not fall into your loathsome category of ignorant.

*Thank you for being within one block of everywhere I go. Thank you for having sugar-free syrups. Thank you for making me warm and happy in the winter. Thank you for making me cool and happy in the summer.

*Thanks for flirting with me and bringing me coffee.

*Thank you for paying for my Pumas.

*Thank you for coming back on TV. I would totally be your friend. You make me laugh.

*Thank you for not having Salmonella anymore. Thank you for my $2.

*Thank you for telling me your secret. Thank you for being one of the brightest women I know. Thank you for reading my blogs.

*Thank you for comments and messages. That makes me happy when I log on.

*Thank you for the parties, bath/body/birthday. Thank you for still loving my fat ass.

*Thank you for the picture comments. You make me laugh.

*Thank you for being my Celtic Warrior..and for getting that side of me. Thank you for the new dough ball recipe and the amazing photos. Thank you for you.

*Thank you for not meeting me in Italy. As much as I wanted to, it would have been my demise. I know, in my heart of hearts, that had I met you in Florence, I would not have been able to let go. So thank you for not destroying me.

*Thank you for telling me I was mean when I didn’t know I was. Thank you for saying you understand. Thank you for dinner. Thank you for letting me feel you up. Thank you for letting me cry. Thank you for loving me even when I’m a bitch. Thank you for giving me the best laughs. Thank you for Quick Passes. Thank you for Savers. Thank you for loving the rantings of a crazy person. Thank you for going to the Christmas party. Thank you for Buzz. Thank you for Utah. Thank you for our story. Thank you, most of all, for being you.

*Thank you for making me realize I am everything and he is nothing. Thank you for shopping. Thank you for sushi and movies. Thank you for letting me cry ridiculously hard over ridiculously dumb people. Thank you for letting me cry over Oreo. Thank you for letting me get grossed out over naked spa women. Thank you for Bella. Thank you for the promise of a bonfire. Thank you for changing your opinion of stupid boys when they hurt me. Thank you for being the hug, the sense of reason, the glimmer of hope, and the got my back friend that I always need.

*Thank you for mindless entertainment and uncontrollable laughter. Thank you for being my pseudo husband. Thank you for the letter of reference. Thank you for drinking with me. Thank you for Bella. Thank you for knowing I really loved Oreo and not making fun of that love. Thank you for letting me be stupid. Thank you for going on the roller coaster. Thank you for playing games in Barnes & Noble. Thank you for farting in my car. Thank you for have a nice day, dear.

*Thank you for forgiving me. Thank you for the party. Thank you for making me laugh daily. Thank you for H&M. Thank you for getting me. Thank you for letting me spill wine. Thank you for understanding the ’stealing’ thing. Thank you for the secret. Thank you for lurve. Thank you for not telling me to stop texting you in the morning. Thank you for waking me up 5 days a week. Thanks for the Lara Bars. Thank you for thinking mutual thoughts at the same time. Thank you for being famous. Thank you for being delicious.

*Thank you for being wonderful. Thank you for the plumber. Thank you for the lamppost. Thank you for loving me even when I’m a total bitch ass bitch. Thank you for being a great Nona. Thank you for your wishes. Thank you for calling and yelling because I was left out. Thank you for dinner. Thank you for talking about memories. Thank you for being the only one who knows I miss her every day. Thank you for everything, all the time.

*Thank you for loving me more than anyone. Thank you for being so beautiful, smart and funny. Thank you for trying hard. Thank you for filling the water, empting the dishwasher and taking out the trash. Thank you for your laugh..it’s the best sound in the world. Thank you for your morning hugs. Thank you for the art projects. Thank you for telling me I’m beautiful and skinny. Thank you for thinking only the best man deserves me. Thank you for saving my life. Thank you for understanding that’s not me. Thank you for buying me coffee. Thank you for making me laugh. Thank you for being exactly who you are.

*Thank you for knowing that even though I left you/it/that/this/them/there out….I am still grateful.


*Start working on my degree in Communications.

*Pay off all my debt. Stupid credit cards. Stop using shopping as replacements for a man, anger, boredom, to makeup for the past.

*Control my blood sugars. Work towards the pump.

*Eat healthy. Make good food choices.

*Take classes at the gym 3x per week. Mon, Wed & Fri.

*Get a new job! DONE!

*Go home, hug my dad, walk in the forest, and see my waterfall.

*Date. Say yes instead of always saying no and go on those dates.


*I want Amanda to be happy, healthy, and successful. I want only good things to happen to Amanda….always.

*I want to lose weight. 10-20 pounds.

*I want to be healthy. I know I will never be cured, but I want to be as healthy, in every respect, as possible.

*I want to always have money in my savings account.

*I want a new job that I love and that pays well. DONE!

*I want to travel the world over….and over again.

*I want to publish my book and have it do extremely well.

*I want to fall in love and have the feeling be reciprocated.


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