July 2, 2009


I had to run somewhere in a hurry the other day. I was in the middle of chowing down an In & Out Animal Style burger when I threw on some yoga pants, my big sherpa cardigan and sweater clogs. Anyway, trying to paint a picture. I smelled like a burger and looked like a Yeti. My looks didn’t matter though, I promise. So, I get to my location and was told “Oh, I love your slippers!” I didn’t correct her and say “These are NOT slippers! They are clogs!! Hello?!” No, I just let it go. This caused me to think about how many times things go uncorrected simply because it’s pointless….like my clogs. It seriously didn’t matter in the grand scheme of things. I wonder how many people are walking around thinking they are right about certain things when, really, they have been the victim of unnecessary correction refusal? How many times have I walked away from a conversation lame and clueless due to having not been corrected? All haughty and thinking ‘Hey, those were awesome slippers!’ when in fact, they were awesome shoes. Sheesh, what a tool! Who KNOWS how many times I, or you, have been wrong or mistaken….who knows.

Of course, the usual Kelly train of thought occurred and I found myself thinking about know-it-alls. I really don’t get them and I also have a short patience thread, when they are present, which quickly unravels. 9 out of 10 times it doesn’t come across as if you are an intelligent being. No. Sorry, it doesn’t. It comes across as if you are an arrogant ass. People talk about you….and not in a good way. There is nothing wrong with not knowing something. There is also nothing wrong with not being a specialist on every subject! I wouldn’t WANT to know everything! Christ! I also have no problem saying “I have no idea how much a Versace scarf costs.” or “I have no idea how many Weight Watchers points a Nothing Bundt Cake is.” What is their problem? Is it a need for attention? Do they have low self esteem and need to feel valued? Are they insecure? Or are they just pretentious? Seriously, Smarty Pants, give the lesser ‘retarded compared to you’ people a break.

Who really believes that imitation is a form a flattery? Ok…now who really believes that they are just a freaking copy cat and should really work on their own creativity, cleverness and wit? Anyone? Anyone? Moving on…..

My friend put her Rottie down because he had cancer. Poor Buca. He’s been a part of our lives for 6 years and longer for their family. Any animal lover totally knows this is the hardest thing ever! So sad and heart breaking because there isn’t a thing you can do to make it better. I still tear up thinking about my Oreo. Anyway, the next day they ran right out and got another puppy. She told me they were naming him Sonny from The Godfather”. James Caan’s character. Ya know?” she said. I didn’t know. I started to realize that there are a lot of movies that I should have seen….but have not, for whatever reason. Like The Godfather. American Classic! Why haven’t I seen it? As a matter of fact, I JUST watched Animal House for the first time. Here are some more popular picks that I have not seen. Any of the Godfathers, Caddyshack, Pulp Fiction, Shawshank Redemption, any Monty Python, King Kong, Casino, Star Wars. I’m sure there are more but the important point is why haven’t I seen the movies that most everyone else has seen? Probably because I’m too busy watching movies like Better Off Dead or The Sweetest Thing….or Cable Television.

I was watching Spike TV this past weekend. Yes, women have Lifetime. Men have Spike TV. I watched this show called Manswers. I saw it once and Tivo’d it because I was so intrigued by the male mind that I needed to see more. Men send in their questions and they air the manswers. I have come to the conclusion that men mainly have a 5 thought process. Some may have less; some more, but for the sake of argument, these are the biggest. Cars. Boobs. Booze. Fighting. Hunting. Wow…..oh, and I now know that I can survive an elevator falling only 5 floors should the cable break and that there really is a death touch. After feeling all testosteroni (my favorite kind of pasta), I turned on Lifetime and watched How to Look Good Naked. Brought myself back to my roots.

I’m thinking about joining Weight Watchers. A lot of my friends are on it and a few have lost a significant amount of weight. Now, before I get tons of email asking why I need to lose weight, the honest answer would be I really don’t. I am one of those girls that totally looks good dressed. Undressed, though…eeek! Holy crap. It’s not like I am overweight. I’m not. In fact, I am well within the target weight range for my height. However, I want to lose 10-15 pounds because that is where I feel good. What sucks is that insulin makes you gain weight. Stupid insulin. Without it, though, I would suffer and die. I’d be skinny…but I’d be dead. I also like to eat, so that could also pose a problem! Haha! Although, as a diabetic, my menu is pretty restrictive compared to some. It’s not like I can sit at a meal and scarf down pasta, garlic bread, chocolate cake & a Frappucino. I eat a well balanced meal with well balanced portions. So, my thought is do I waste the time, money & aggravation or do I just decided that maybe this is the size I’m supposed to be and love me? Remember how aggravated I was with LA Weight Loss? I don’t want to do that again. I also like curves on women. I think they should have curves and not look like 10 year old boys. So, what the hell is my problem? I should just hit the gym more often and tone up. That’s a better idea. Thanks for your help. Haha!

Have a good weekend, my friends. OH! And Happy Valentine’s or Single Awareness Day to you all.


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