July 2, 2009

Choose to be Happy

Written May 1, 2009

I woke up this morning and chose to be happy. That's right. You can wake up and choose your mood. A lot of people don't realize this..oddly enough. It's my suggestion that you steer clear of those bastards. :)

My happiness has turned into full blown dork mode. I have been making myself giggle all morning. While I have been lazing & giggling, I started to wonder what sort of shenanigans I could get into. Forget chores. Forget errands. I wanted silliness! I wanted joy! I wanted FUN!

Then it hit me!!! BAM!

Fun Things To Do Today
By Kelly <~ That's me.
  1. Look at old pictures.
  2. Go to Walmart & shoot people with water guns.
  3. Turn up the music & dance in your living room.
  4. Make smores.
  5. Jump on a trampoline.
  6. Blow bubbles.
  7. Pass out bottles of bubbles to strangers so they can join in.
  8. Take silly pictures.
  9. Skip everywhere you go.
  10. Go to the library.
  11. Buy a wig and wear it all day.
  12. Play Scrabble with made up words. Like PSH!
  13. For every animal you see, talk to it in their voice. Ie: Bark, meow, neigh.
  14. Make faces at strangers.
  15. Pretend it’s your birthday.
  16. Go people watching at the airport.
  17. Plan your honeymoon…even if you are single.
  18. Have a carpet picnic.
  19. Sing at the top of your lungs in the shower or car.
  20. Plant some daisies.
  21. Tell a stranger you love their shirt, bag, hair, makeup, whatev just so they smile.
  22. Make a to do list and then throw it away.
  23. Play hookie.
  24. Buy a hula hoop and use it in the store parking lot.
  25. Spend some time daydreaming.
  26. Slurp spaghetti one piece at a time & leave the sauce on your face.
  27. Have a water balloon fight.
  28. Act like a super hero all day.
  29. Even wear a costume.
  30. Bake cupcakes.
  31. Read blogs.
  32. Start a journal full of all the wonderful things you do in your life.
  33. Get sidewalk chalk and draw smiley faces everywhere you go.
  34. Play hide & seek.
  35. Buy yourself fresh flowers.
  36. Do a cartwheel…but don’t hurt yourself.
  37. Go to a nude beach. Haha! Or not. :P
  38. Lay in a hammock and stop worrying.
  39. Call your mom.
  40. Hug your children and tell them how fabulous they are.
  41. Say hi to everyone. Hi.

That’s all I can think of at the moment. I have things to do...like go buy flowers....and bubbles. Have a breath taking weekend!


PS - #42. Don't get pissed that Go Daddy lost a month's worth of blogs. They can't help it that they suck balls. :)

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