July 2, 2009


February 7

I was scolded last Friday for not blogging my usual bit of crap. (Thanks, Canetta!) Considering I won't have access to my work computer on Friday, I thought I'd complain today. I mean...blog. Yea, blog today.

Let's begin by complaining about Friday....and Thursday, too. We are moving into a new office building. As if it doesn't suck the remaining life left in me to drive from NW Vegas to stupid Henderson and sit at a job I despise....I now have to drive further. I also get the thrilling task of packing up everything tomorrow. These are the people who called me 'average' to a potential employer. A potential employer who doesn't want to hire 'average'. Right. Also, I purchased a home so I would not have to move again because it is that horrible. Now I am expected to pack your meaningless shit? Right. The only silver lining is that I've found the nearest Starbucks near my new office. Did I mention I hate my life?

I was thinking...yes, I do this at times. Anyway, I was thinking that I'm a pretty fun person when I'm drinking. That is if you don't piss me off. I become an angry drunk when pissed. Happy drunk all other times. It doesn't take much either, one or two glasses of wine and I'm good! I'm social, happy, worry and carefree...funny! I am funny. So, wouldn't it be nice to be like that every day? Without the drunk part, of course. Most people are bubbly and happy after consuming a few drinks. Why can't we be like that...take that jovial, lighthearted mood..and apply it to everyday life? Why can't we just wake up that way? Why? WHY?! Damn it!

Here's what I don't understand. I paid my landscaping company half of the price for my job. Half. Wrote them a check. They cashed it. They have half. I don't have that half. So, I called to find out when they would start working. I was told that they are really busy and will start my job in 1 or 1 1/2 weeks. Ummm, but wait....you weren't to busy to take half. You weren't to busy to drive to the bank and deposit my check. Why do I have to wait? Technically, I have already paid you. Shouldn't you be working or at least have your illegals working on my yard? If I owned a deli, took your order and your $6.99 for your sandwich. Would it be ok if I gave you your sandwich, let's say...ummm...2 weeks from Tuesday? Whatever. It's just something else for me to bitch about.

I have a sore throat. I think I'm getting sick. I can't get sick because I don't like to be sick AND I have plans this weekend. I'm going to a Trailer Trash party. I painted my fingernails this garish pink sparkly nail polish. My hopes were that by the time Saturday rolled around, it would be chipped and horrible befitting a trashy party. I forgot that I have a business lunch today. Holy cannoli. They are going to think I am a fuhreak! (Which is my new old word, by the way.)

Gwen Stefani tickets go on sale Saturday. She will be at The Palms. Originally, I thought she was going to be at the MGM Grand. Apparently not. I have to buy 5 tickets. I am taking Amanda, Gaby, Monica and my friend, Beth. This is a birthday present for both Gaby & Monica. They are turning 13. I wish I still had my half. Stupid landscapers.

Do I wish I were 13 again? I barely remember 13 so I don't have an answer. Let's see...13 meant 7th grade. Ugh, 7th grade. I, for sure, didn't think about the things these girls think about. I wasn't interested in sex and didn't even know what it was. I had a vague and mostly incorrect idea about sex. What is interesting, and I just did it, is to imply and say that kids grow up to early. Earlier than what? Each generation writes their own story. My grandmother was preparing for marriage at 13. I was playing with Barbie's and tag in the front yard with the neighbors. My daughter is surfing the internet and choosing a career. Kid's today are smart because the world is more connected. It's also more challenging. I think my daughter and her friends are doing just fine. Kudos to my 13 year old girls!

Sheesh....off the beaten track a little.

My headline - I'm buying a new cell this weekend. I'm going to do my little part in helping Aids in Africa.

when I should be

*Peace out.

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