July 2, 2009

Are You Mocking Me?

Written May 12, 2009

This is the BEST time of the year at City Hall! A couple of weeks a year, Elisa and I get to go into rants of laughing, giggling and snorting all thanks to the local mockingbirds. Mockingbirds are freaking awesome! Not only can they mimic songs from birds and insects but they also attack. It's here that the hilarity ensues. From what I have read, male mockingbirds will defend their nest full of eggs & hatchlings. They are fiercely territorial and anything crossing the line will feel its wrath. What is crazy is that they are able to recognize humans. They will selectively attack some while allowing others to pass by unharmed. I am apparently recognized because I have never been attacked. Neither has Elisa. Although yesterday, one mockingbird was definitely telling Elisa to back off. She did and you will all be happy to know that they have remained friends.


This amazing act of nature is wildly entertaining!! Elisa & I walk outside every hour or so to watch the show. Some people don’t feel any thing, others freak out. Some swat at the bird, others duck and run. We just went to lunch and saw this guy was walking in. We knew he was going to be a victim because he was wearing a hat. It seems our mockingbirds do not like hats. Of course, the bird attacked him! He started to run but then saw us watching so he tried to walk and act all cool like. The bird attacked again and the jig was up. He started running like a little girl! It was hy-STER-ical! Bahaha! I wish we had video taped that guy. We would have won $10,000 on World’s Funniest Videos, fo’ sho’. Ah...good times. I wish momma would have bought me a mocking bird.

I am oddly fascinated by Twitter. I originally joined to get up to the minute info from JDRF during Obama’s stem cell research deal. That was months ago and I’m still tweeting. I now think it’s a good way to get readers to visit my blogs. Eh, who knows if the self promoting is working. Twitter is interesting because of the amount of information you can obtain depending on who you follow. It’s a waste because I’m pretty sure no one gives a crap what I’m doing every moment. Although I don’t know all the rules, the ones I do know are pretty cool. Twitter has days for certain things like ‘Follow Friday’ or ‘Music Monday’. #followfriday is where you suggest to other Twits for people to follow. #musicmonday is, obviously, where you suggest music you like. Brilliant.

So, I’m thinking about stealing this idea. Here are some ideas I have. I need to pick a day to post my blogs. The same day every week. I usually post here on Tuesdays. This prevents things like ’Make Me Laugh Monday’ or ‘Fashion Friday’ or ‘Wacky Wednesday’ from being used as a regular topic. How does ‘Tickle My Fancy Tuesday’ or ‘Trendy Tuesday’ or ‘Tabloid’ sound? I’m open to ideas and changing blogging days. I will incorporate the winning idea into my weekly blogs. Send me your suggestions or ideas. I’d love to run with this stolen thought. Oh, and you can follow me on Twitter right here: Kellys Blogs

Tonight Amanda gets inducted into the National Honor Society for which I am extremely proud. ::entering proud mom bragging rights:: I have raised this beautiful, intelligent young woman by myself and I take full credit! Haha! What kills me is that the schools always plan their events at awkward times. Like they think every mother on the planet is a stay at home mom with all the time in the world. It doesn’t seem like administration takes into account that people have jobs. There are dinners to be eaten. Homework to be completed. Lives to be lived. It drives me insane and has since Kindergarten. I can’t be there at 5pm for a 2.5 hour event and, yet, they make me. I guess the bottom line is that it’s worth it to leave work early and skip a meal. My daughter will only be young once and I refuse to miss a thing. Anyway, congrats, Amanda! I am extremely proud of you and I won’t complain about being hungry during your ceremony. Xoxo

Tomorrow is my friend, Mel’s, birthday. She disappeared but I hope she knows I’m sending her fabu birthday wishes with my mind. Happy Birthday, Lova! <3>



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