July 2, 2009


I have a slight shoe fetish. I don’t go crazy at DSW and buy tons of shoes but I definitely like them. If I could, I would own several hundred….I would. In every color. Not surprising, I am a girl. Sadly though, I’m the girl that buys shoes and continues to wear the same ones over and over again. However, right now I’ve got my eye on a pair of snazzy little red heels. I also want a leopard heel and an orange heel. Yep, it’s true. I saw the greatest orange Jimmy Choo’s in Nordstrom this past weekend. No, I’m not spending $600 on orange heels but still….mmmm. My mom thinks I have an ugly shoe fetish…but I like the term unique. What I don’t like is when I look down to admire some footwear and, like a blaring beacon, I see the price tag on the sole. Seriously? Can’t you peel that shit off? Do you have any idea how ghetto you look sitting in a meeting, legs crossed, snazzy shoes from the top…and a red ½ price sales tag on the bottom? How difficult is it, Jack, to remove the tag? Ugh.

Here’s another thing I don’t get. If you live in Las Vegas…it’s no surprise that your area code is 702. If you are calling anyone residing in Las Vegas…chances are…they have the same area code. 702. Seriously, it’s not rocket science. So, why….if you are making a local call do you insist on giving the area code when leaving a message? Retards!! I’m in Vegas, too!!! Did you dial 702 when you called me?? NO! Grrrrrr…..be grateful I can’t reach through the phone and smack you.

WOW!! A little anger mounting! Haha!

So, answer me this. Do you think relationships should be easy for the most part or hard? Friends, lovers…whatever….just relationships. I have this mindset that the beginning of any relationship should be relatively easy. You hang out, you like each other, you mesh, you enjoy yourself…easy…smooth. In fact, I think the majority of any relationship should be like that. I’m not saying there won’t be hard times or difficult times that require some working out, give and take, or issues. There will. That’s life. But if the hard outweighs the easy, should you invest time, energy, feelings, etc. in that relationship? Or should you just let it go and move on to concentrate on those that feel like home?

Speaking of relationships, Valentine’s Day is coming, or, excuse me, S.A.D. Which is Single Awareness Day for those that are single. I was one of the many idiots who got married on V-Day. I was even on the news….how quaint. Happy Anniversary to me. Anyone want to see the video? No? haha! Not only does this day bring back the mental moron fog that I was in the year of 1994, it also reiterates the fact that I’m single, and makes me wonder why we need a Hallmark Day to show our love? Whatever. I am not here to bash VD or cry the blues or be the normal cynical bitch I am. I’ll just continue to love you everyday. BUT! In honor of V-Day & S.A.D….let’s start a list of the cheesiest, most awful romance movies ever. The TNT movie of the week, the 2 hour waste of time but you still watch on a boring Sunday, the cheesy, the sappy, the drippy, the mushy. Here we go, lovers. For the record, you can all be my valentine.

You’ve Got Mail





I forgot my insulin today. I was ½ way to work when I realized and I turned around to get it. I can’t make it through a day without it. Well, I could but I wouldn’t be able to eat anything and I’d feel like crap for 12 hours. I was hauling ass and as I whipped into my driveway, I see my neighbor outside smoking. You’ve all heard me complain about this neighbor. The born again Christian who is always praying for me. The one who is always trying to force his religion on my family. The one with the dumb kids who don’t believe in dinosaurs and were home schooled until 8th grade. The Christmas light guy. The very same guy who was in rehab for a pain killer addiction. Now he is addicted to nicotine?!? He obviously isn’t praying enough. I am quite sure that if he saw me he would have said “I’m praying for a husband for you.” Like he ALWAYS does. I usually say “Why don’t you pray I hit megabucks instead?” I now have a new response. “I’m praying for a lack of hypocrisy for you!”

Mel was in this weekend and I heart her. Mel, you are incredible…don’t ever forget that. You shine in every way and I’m so honored to know you. My Friday was spent sitting at a 1980’s porn like hookah lounge drinking beer with friends. Good times. Mel made a statement that I found very interesting and, quite honestly, never even realized before. She said I usually make 5 statements in my blog. I chat or bitch about one thing, am done and move on. 5 things. Wow. How could I not notice this and what the hell is that about? Does my mind only contain 5 things at a time? Do I only find 5 things interesting enough to write about per day? Curiouser and curiouser. This was 6. So there. I’ll show me.

Have a great weekend!


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