July 2, 2009


January 3, 2007

I don't have anything exciting to say so here are some random bullet points.

*The gym is kicking my ass. Said ass is still the size of Guam however it is
now a painful country. Hate gym, hate trainer, hate people who love gym
and trainer.

*I bought a new Coach Purse & wallet. I think I should return it and go to the Coach outlet. Note to self....never shop in Coach when sugar is low.
*Home improvements have begun. House may be in total destruction phase for Grey's Goose Anatomy Party. Hoping to get women drunk so as not to notice.

*Haven't heard from cute boy. May give up on cute boys the world over. Won't turn to cute girls though....sorry cute girls.

*Was thinking about having a Valenwine Party but have been reconsidering. Thinking Blarney Wine Party sounds much more fun. Considering I am Irish and hate V-day...this may be a better route to take.

*Amanda may need glasses. Will find out after tomorrow's eye doctor appointment.*2007 will be a great year! Of this I am certain. I have a really good feeling about everything for myself and my friends. Yea for us!


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